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Isla Beauty’s Day Melt Balm Double-Cleanses Your Skin In One Step

I’ve never experienced a cleanser like this.

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Bustle's beauty writer reviews the Isla Beauty Day Melt Balm.
Isla Beauty
You Heard It Here First
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For beauty minimalists, “skinstreaming” is a fancy way of describing a skin care routine that has been curated to include only the essentials. In other words: A 13-step skin regimen — including dewy facial mists and targeted vitamic C serums and gentle retinols aplenty — can be easily replaced with a four-step routine using multi-purpose products, while still delivering the same juicy, dewy complexion as before.

But for those who prefer a heavier, full-coverage foundation formula (or even highly-pigmented and colorful eyeshadow hues that don’t budge), keeping double-cleansing in your daily skin care routine is likely a non-negotiable even when “skinstreaming” — and for good reason. Typically, step one of a double cleanse involves an oil-based balm or cream that expertly breaks up even the most long-lasting matte liquid lipstick. Step two involves a second gel or liquid cleanser that usually foams up and wipes away all of that mess, leaving your skin squeaky clean and ready for your favorite serums and moisturizers.

But the latest launch from buzzy, cool girl-loved skin care brand Isla Beauty (Olivia Wilde, Laura Harrier and Devon Lee Carson are fans), combines these two important cleansing steps into one aesthetically-pleasing tube. The brand-new Day Melt Balm Cleanser (which officially drops September 19, ICYWW) is perfect for minimalist fans of “skinstreaming” and maximalist full-glam girlies who need double-cleansing. The innovative, balmy formula melts into the skin to break up makeup and grime from the day, easily removes it, then rinses clean — no oily residue or evidence of makeup left behind. The two-in-one cleanser leaves your skin deeply cleansed and feeling completely refreshed (while magically not stripping your skin of hydration).

Isla Beauty

The Ingredients

Cruelty-free, dermatologically tested, and filled with a short list of good-for-you ingredients, Day Melt is made of ingredients with 46 percent natural origin. It smells soothing and slightly herbaceous, but doesn’t include added artificial fragrance (a benefit for anyone with sensitive skin, cystic acne, or rosacea).

Other standouts in the impressive ingredient list: olive oil, which is naturally rich in vitamins A, E, and hydroxytyrosol, which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin’s delicate barrier; and tocopherol, which supports the immune system and cell function of the skin. The unique part of this balm cleanser is that there’s the slightest gritty feeling, which acts as a light exfoliation as you massage the balm into your skin — that would be the cellulose, an overachiever of an ingredient best described as ultra-fine micro crystals that provide light exfoliation, draw out dirt, grime, and makeup residue from skin cells, and redeposit a whole lot of moisture in the yucky stuff’s place.

How To Use Isla Day Melt

To get the most out of the product, there is a correct way to use it to mimic that double-cleansing effect. First, squeeze a quarter-sized dollop from the aluminum tube into dry hands, gently rubbing all over your face to begin breaking up the product and pollution buildup. Right away, the balm turns into a creamy, semi-mattified oil. Once you’re satisfied, begin adding in some water onto your face, which is where the magic happens: the oil will transform into more of a cleansing foam that feels milky and lush, and, once rinsed, works to completely wash everything away.

My Review

As someone with combination skin on the sensitive side, I truly appreciated how gentle and soothing the product feels on my skin. From tough-to-remove mascara to layers of complexion products, it efficiently creates a super-clean slate for my streamlined skin care routine. What’s more, I love that its naturally luxurious (and super calming) aroma makes my cleansing step all the more enjoyable, lingering ever so slightly once the product has washed away.

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