31 Movies Starring Grey's Anatomy Actors That You Can Stream Right Now

From Valentine’s Day to a Prince William and Kate Middleton rom-com.

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After 350+ (and counting) episodes, Shonda Rhimes' much-loved medical drama Grey's Anatomy is about to exit its 17th season with a slew of accrued cast members. Starting way back in 2005 with about nine core members, the show now features over 16 actors making up the main Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital staff. Three of the original characters, including Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), are still walking the halls, but many have gone on to other shows and even the big screen. For the die-hard and the curious fans, here are 31 movies starring the Grey's Anatomy cast that are available to stream, including titles created well before anyone donned scrubs.

Sandra Oh, who played Cristina Yang from Season 1 to 10, had a rich history in independent film before the show, including the acclaimed 2004 movie Sideways. Meanwhile, Katherine Heigl, aka Izzie, has had more mainstream success, starring in Knocked Up and a number of romantic comedies outside of Grey's. Really, most of the actors on the show have had at least one showcase film, but even for those who typically work in ensemble casts or smaller roles, it's still fun to see their familiar faces in a new setting. Without further ado, it’s time to bolster your streaming watchlists.


Made Of Honor

Sony Pictures

A two-for-one special on Grey’s men, Made of Honor stars Patrick Dempsey as the maid of honor for his best friend’s wedding to a dashing Scot, played by Kevin McKidd himself. Of course, Dempsey’s character, Tom, realizes a little too late that he’s in love with the bride and attempts to stop the wedding to tell her in a speak-now-or-forever-hold-your-peace kind of gesture. Oh yeah, they both wear kilts, too.

Available on Starz.


The Princess Diaries


Sandra Oh appears as Vice Principal Gupta in this beloved tale of an awkward teen turned royal.

Available on Disney+.


27 Dresses

Katherine Heigl stars as Jane Nichols, a woman who, after accumulating 27 bridesmaid dresses, isn't sure she wants another as her sister walks down the aisle with her crush.

Available on HBO Max.


You’ve Got Mail

Warner Bros.

According to IMDb, You’ve Got Mail was Sara Ramirez’s first role ever. Her appearance as cash-only cashier Rose in the charming Nora Ephron rom-com was brief but memorable.

Available on Hulu and HBO Max.


42: The Jackie Robinson Story

Warner Bros.

T.R. Knight plays Harold Parrott, and James Pickens Jr. is Mr. Brock in this touching retelling of the life of Jackie Robinson, professional baseball's first Black player. Robinson is portrayed by the late Chadwick Boseman.

Available on HBO Max.


Bridget Jones's Baby


Dempsey is Jack Qwant, one of Bridget's two potential baby dads, in this third entry in the Jones series.

Available on Pluto TV.



20th Century Fox

Pickens Jr. plays Uncle David, and Isaiah Washington is Darnell in this tale of a politician who hires his own assassin and discovers the freedom his impending death brings makes him one of the most popular candidates.

Available on Starz.


Out Of Sight


Washington is Kenneth in this story of cops and robbers, also starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez.

Available on Starz.


Valentine’s Day

Warner Bros.

Valentine’s Day premiered in 2010, a peak time for Grey’s — so the ensemble film naturally capitalized on the show’s McDreamiest and McSteamiest names. Dempsey, Eric Dane, and Hector Elizondo (Callie’s dad) are among the star-studded cast.

Available on HBO Max.


Hard Candy


Oh stars as Judy Tokuda, an inadvertent witness to a frightening game of victim and persecutor in this tale of perversion and revenge.

Available on Prime Video.


Over The Moon


In this sweet, Oscar-nominated story, Oh plays Mrs. Zhong, the soon-to-be-stepmother to a reluctant Fei Fei, who goes on a starry adventure to grapple with the loss of her mom.

Available on Netflix.


Double Happiness

Fine Line Features

Oh stars as Jade Li, a young woman trying to keep her parents happy by going on dates with nice young Chinese men while struggling to stay true to herself.

Available on Prime Video.


Wish Upon A Star


Heigl stars as Alexia Wheaton, the popular older sister to her smart tomboy younger sister. When the younger sister makes a wish to switch places, it works, and the two have to adapt to their new identities.

Available on Prime Video.



Dark Sky Films

Oh and Anne Heche star as former college frenemies who never really graduated from, well, hating each other.

Available on Netflix.


New Year’s Eve

Warner Bros.

Heigl stars alongside Jon Bon Jovi and a huge, star-studded ensemble à la Valentine’s Day in this film about couples across New York City as they navigate the romantic rush of the last day of the year.

Available on Cinemax.


Jackie & Ryan

Highland Film Group

Heigl's Jackie is a single mom struggling to win full custody and who has a meet-cute with a guitar-strumming drifter. Can the two make their relationship work?

Available on Prime Video and Pluto TV.


The Thing About Harry


This When Harry Met Sally-inspired rom-com follows Sam, played by Jake Borelli, as he develops feelings for former classmate Harry on their road trip home from college.

Available on Freeform.


Hello Again

The Orchard

Knight is one of many in this musical ensemble comedy about love, sex, and desire across New York history.

Available on Tubi.




Kelly McCreary plays Eartha Kitt, one of many famous faces photographer Dennis Stock meets on a cross-country photo assignment.

Available on Peacock.


100 Girls


Heigl is Arlene, a strong woman who takes down college doofus Matthew, who's on a search for the mystery woman he had sex with in an elevator during a blackout.

Available on Prime Video.


Frankie & Alice


Chandra Wilson plays Maxine in this true story film adaptation about a Canadian go-go dancer (Halle Berry) with dissociative identity disorder.

Available on Hulu and Prime Video.


Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

20th Century Fox

Long before Owen became a dad on Grey’s, McKidd played Poseidon — father to young demigod Percy Jackson — in this classic fantasy adventure.

Available on Disney+.


Jenny's Wedding

IFC Films

Heigl stars as Jenny, a young woman who hasn't come out to her conservative midwestern family. Their pressure to see her start a family convinces her to propose to her girlfriend Kitty, letting the cat out of the bag.

Available on Sling TV.


Heaven Help Us


A very young Dempsey is Corbet, one of a group of friends pulling pranks and dealing with repression in a 1960s Catholic school.

Available on HBO Max.


Blue Caprice

IFC Films

Washington is John Allen Muhammad, an older man who finds and trains a boy to become a deadly sniper, in this story based on the terrifying 2002 DC sniper shootings.

Available on Sling TV.


William & Kate


Based on the royal romance between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, this Lifetime film follows Prince William and Kate Middleton (played by Camilla Luddington) from their school days together.

Available on Pluto TV.


Scream 3

Dimension Films

Dempsey is Mark Kincaid, a detective who reaches out to Gale Weathers and sets an entirely new meta chapter of the self-aware horror franchise in motion.

Available on HBO Max.


Kicking & Screaming

Universal Pictures

Will Ferrell is a soccer dad who’s been in fierce competition with his own father all his life. Kate Walsh is his wife, Barbara, an innocent bystander to the mischief that ensues (on and off the field) in this family comedy.

Available on HBO Max.




Walsh plays Dr. Fiona Shively in this story of a bright young woman who turns to social media after her rival's crush crushes on her.

Available on Netflix.


Sweet Home Alabama

Touchstone Pictures

This rom-com follows Reese Witherspoon’s Melanie as she visits her hometown and must choose between two men, including one very charming Dempsey.

Available on Peacock.



Solo Films

Giacomo Gianniotti plays Sam Stoller in this story about America allowing Jesse Owens to train for and participate in the 1931 Berlin Olympics.

Available on Philo.

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