Adele Gave A Bride The Best Wedding Gift At Her Vegas Show

“The memory of a lifetime.”

Adele on stage in Las Vegas in November 2022
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AD

We’re almost coming to the end of Adele’s popular Las Vegas residency, and the singer-songwriter has been blowing audiences away every weekend with her vocals. The 34-year-old British talent has also continuously kept fans fed with a mix of funny and sweet moments, such as recreating a viral meme starring her and Megan Thee Stallion or stopping mid-song to kiss her son Angelo. The latest fan interaction now involves Adele signing a woman’s wedding dress.

While doing her usual walk-through among the audience on Mar. 3, Adele noticed a couple in their wedding outfits, and stopped to congratulate them enthusiastically. Just as she was about to move on, the newlyweds asked her to sign the bride’s wedding dress, and she immediately agreed, autographing near the hem of the dress while singing “When We Were Young.”

Struggling briefly with signing on fabric, Adele interrupted her own song to interject, “It’s hard!” prompting laughter from the fans nearby. The newlyweds — hair salon owner Gaby and real estate agent Evan — were understandably elated, thanking the singer multiple times and beaming from ear to ear as she walked off, before sharing a kiss.

Gaby later took to Instagram to share the special moment in a Reel, captioned: “Weekends with Adele. My world is made. Found the love of my life and this man was determined to have Adele sing at our wedding… 7 years later all our dreams came true. Thank you Adele for creating the memory of a lifetime for us.”

Evan also shared the clip on his own Instagram, writing: “Adele please excuse my clammy hands. This was my most major fan girl moment lol.” Having Adele perform on your wedding day and leave you with a gift has got to be one of the most memorable gifts. With only a handful of shows at the Caesars Palace left, we can’t wait to see what Adele has planned in terms of leaving Las Vegas with a bang. Watch the sweet fan interaction in full, below.