Catharina Cheung

Catharina Cheung is Deputy Editor of Journo Resources and a freelance writer, editor, and translator based in Hampshire by way of Hong Kong and Singapore.

After obtaining a Masters in Literary Linguistics at the University of Nottingham, Catharina moved back to Asia and turned a lifetime of blogging and scribbling in journals into a writing career. Although she produces content across a variety of themes, she considers herself a cultural writer, primarily interested in delving into historical heritage and telling the stories of underrepresented people. Her work has been published in platforms such as Localiiz, Humans of Hong Kong, Campaign Asia, Squarefoot REA Group, Hong Kong Living magazines, and the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Having returned to her UK family home in the middle of lockdown, Catharina is now on a journey of reconnecting with British culture after years of being away. An aspiring polyglot — brushing up on Korean, Japanese, and French atm — she’s always looking for ways to support other Hongkongers in the UK, is a firm advocate for feminist, race-related, and LGBTQ+ issues, and a veteran BTS stan. (Still waiting for “Ddaeng” to be officially released…)

When she’s not scheming up ways to slowly turn her home into a menagerie, you will most likely find her singing both sides of Disney duets (that’s the old opera training coming in handy) and belting out show tunes, or furtively buying more books despite her ever-growing TBR.