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Bridgerton Season 3 Fans Can’t Get Over Colin’s Jealousy

They are also delighted by a fan-favorite character’s return.

The 'Bridgerton' family. Photo via Netflix
Liam Daniel/Netflix

There’s nothing quite like the joy, theories, and swooning that goes into a Bridgerton premiere week. After two long years, the beloved Netflix series returned on May 16 — this time, focusing on the fan-favorite love story between Colin and Penelope (aka Lady Whistledown).

Naturally, meme-worthy moments abounded. After all, Bridgerton Season 3’s leads have known each other for quite a while. As showrunner Jess Brownell recently told Bustle, this allowed the show to lean into a lighter, rom-com sensibility, and the season pulled inspiration from Nora Ephron, Richard Curtis, and a myriad of classic teen movies.

Only the first four episodes have dropped so far, and book readers know that there’s definitely some drama ahead for Colin and Penelope. “We enter an upside down world in many ways,” Brownell teases of the season’s second half (out June 13). “If Part 1 is rom-com delight, the back half moves into a very tense place, as Penelope has this giant secret as Lady Whistledown that’s hanging over everything.”

But in the meantime, rejoice in the best Bridgerton Season 3 memes and tweets.

Kanthony’s Married Era

Season 2 was iconic — but it was also super tense. So for many viewers, it was nice to see Kate and Anthony basking in their stress-free, post-honeymoon glow.

“The amount of reverence in Anthony’s gaze and the love overflowing in Kate’s eyes,” wrote one user on X (formerly Twitter) of the pair’s interaction before their impromptu desk hookup. “Like the chemistry through stares alone is just incredible.”

Liam Daniel/Netflix

“The slightest little tap of her thumb on his cheek and his confused puppy dog face,” noted another. “Ohhhh they’re so married.”

Newton Returns

Speaking of puppy dog... Viewers also rejoiced at the return of Kate’s corgi, Newton, who was unfairly barred from his bedroom when his parents were having some alone time. “They fr locked newton out of HIS BEDROOM OMFG THEY GOING TO HELL,” wrote one fan.

“THIS POOR CHILD,” said another, captioning a photo of Newton sitting outside Kanthony’s door.

But it’s clear Kate and Anthony have nothing but love for the little guy, who has his own portrait on the bedroom wall, per an Architectural Digest tour.

“Newton is as loved as Kathony’s children will be,” one fan noted, while another wondered whether Benedict might have painted the tribute.

A New Ship Emerges

Viewers were also obsessed with Francesca and John Stirling’s budding relationship, with one fan saying they’ve “never seen two quiet people have so much chemistry.”

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Another fan loved the pair’s “softest and sweetest first meeting,” where they enjoyed a quiet moment together. It’s a departure from the other Bridgerton relationships.

Colin’s Jealousy

The main attraction — Colin and Penelope’s friends-to-lovers arc — provided plenty of fodder for fan reactions. Specifically, viewers loved seeing him finally pine for Penelope after years of her unrequited crush.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

“The way he looks ready to throw up and ugly cry cause he’s so jealous… IM THRIVING,” wrote one viewer of Penelope dancing with Lord Debling.

Another fan wrote: “VINDICATIONNNNNN.”

“HOW THE TURN TABLES,” said one X user, referencing Penelope watching Colin on the dance floor in the past.

The Adorable Awkwardness

Above all, fans were thrilled with Colin and Penelope’s endearing (and sometimes silly) road from friends to lovers — like when they met after sharing a kiss in Episode 2. “Their whole messy dork interaction is so damn adorable romcom + then him acting all shy, smiley and nervous OMFG,” wrote one fan.


“Dua Lipa was right when she said one kiss is all it takes,” said another viewer, referencing Colin stumbling to speak when Penelope comes up in conversation.