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UK Viewers Won’t Have Long To Wait To Watch Janet

The documentary offers a rare behind-the-scenes look at the singer’s career and personal life.

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UK Viewers Won’t Have Long To Wait To Watch Janet
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Almost four decades after her first album was released, Janet Jackson has navigated the highs and lows of a chequered music industry, scandal, intrigue and family drama – and lived to tell the tale. In a new “intimate, honest and unfiltered” Lifetime documentary, titled Janet, fans will gain new and never-seen-before insight into the music legend’s life. British viewers will no doubt be curious as to how to watch Janet in the UK.

In Janet, we join the singer as she travels back to her hometown Gary, Indiana, and viewers are led down memory lane as we discover the Jacksons’ “rag to riches” story and her meteoric rise to fame. The first episode will be released in the UK on Jan. 31 on SKY documentaries, with the second episode being aired on Feb. 1. And if you just can’t wait and want to watch both in one go, all the episodes in one sitting, then all four episodes will be available to watch in the UK via NOW streaming service from Jan. 31. (You will need a NOW Entertainment Pass, which costs £9.99 per month. Week-long free trials are available for first-time users, though.)

Alongside Janet, there will be exclusive insight from those dearest to her, from members of the Jackson family to big names in the industry, including the likes of Mariah Carey, Regina King, and Whoopi Goldberg.

As Janet and those nearest to her reflect on her life, the documentary tackles “difficult themes of family relationships, substance abuse, race relations, sexuality” and delves further into the biggest scandals that have rocked her career.

From her fraught relationship with her brother, Michael Jackson, to the infamous 2004 Superbowl appearance with Justin Timberlake. The documentary will also take a more tender look at her life, through moments such as becoming mother at age of 50 and Janet’s passion for music.

Director, Benjamin Hirsch (The Bridge) explained, “The project started life as a behind-the-scenes tour film, but as Janet, who is a notoriously private person, started to open up we soon realised that there was a much bigger story to tell.”

“The project has taken five years to come to fruition, but it’s been worth the wait as we gained unprecedented access to a global icon. We’re delighted to be working with Sky Documentaries on this again as our UK partner.” Rick Murray, Executive Producer for WorkerBee, added.

Told over two nights, this four part documentary leaves no stone unturned, as it attempts to shine a light on the icon herself, Janet Jackson. And luckily for UK fans, there won’t be long to wait to watch it for yourself, with the gap between the US and UK release only a few days.

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