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Everything To Remember About Lace Morris Before Bachelor In Paradise Season 8

She’s been open about her “next chapter” on Instagram.

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 cast will feature several familiar faces from recent seasons — b...
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Now that Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 is finally upon us, you’re probably excited to catch up with your favorite Bachelor/ette stars from seasons past. This time around, women from Clayton Echard’s season make up the largest share of contestants — which is unsurprising, as it’s one of the most recent (and certainly, one of the most chaotic) seasons in viewers’ memory.

But unless you’re one of Bachelor Nation’s most active citizens, you might be a little rusty when it comes to contestants from more than a season or two ago. One such contestant is Lace Morris, who was first introduced during Ben Higgins’ Bachelor season, back in 2016. She’s also been on Bachelor in Paradise once before — so with her upcoming Season 8 appearance, her Bachelor Nation resumé is definitely expanding.

Whether you missed Lace’s Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise seasons, or could simply use a refresher, here’s everything to know about the contestant.

What Happened To Lace On Ben’s Bachelor Season?

Lace actually didn’t spend too long on Season 20, but instead of being sent home, she left on her own terms. “I’m mad at myself for the way I’ve acted since I’ve been here,” she told Ben in a tearful moment. “This has been really rough for me. I have a lot of work to do on myself, and I want to be able to offer you more.”

What Happened To Lace On Bachelor In Paradise Season 3?

Lace ended up competing on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 later that year and forged a connection with Grant Kemp. (They even got matching tattoos with their couple's name: Grace.) Lace and Grant ended up engaged but ultimately broke up soon after leaving the beach. The reason? According to Lace, it might have been too soon for another romantic journey post-Bachelor.

“I just started working on myself right before Paradise, so I really haven’t had much time to do it,” she told Entertainment Tonight at the time. “This was kind of an eye-opener. I still have more to work on.”

Of course, now that six years have passed since Lace’s Bachelor in Paradise engagement (and ensuing breakup), you may be wondering — what has Lace been up to?

Lace’s Job

According to her Instagram and apparent LinkedIn account, Lace still works as a Denver-based realtor. She also works with CEG Talent, an influencer marketing agency.

Lace’s Instagram

Lace’s Instagram features photos of her outings around Denver, as well as occasional real estate closing posts.

As Lace told Ben back on The Bachelor, she’s also been working on herself — alongside her dog, Lola. “The woman you are becoming will cost you- relationships, spaces, material things, etc.,” Lace wrote in a 2019 Instagram post. “Regardless- choose that woman over anything. You cannot love someone else unless you love YOURSELF. We repeat toxic patterns if we stay in the same situation. We cannot become who we were meant to be unless we face what we need to change. Take time. For YOU. Take time to repair. We all deserve it, and I can tell you one thing- Lola and I are sure as hell excited for our next chapter.”

As far as relationships go, Lace did tell E! News she was dating a man named Russell in 2017 — however, her 2019 post seemed to suggest she was newly single.