Everything To Know About Marvel’s Moon Knight Miniseries

Oscar Isaac portrays Marvel’s mercenary with multiple identities.

by Candace Cordelia Smith and Grace Wehniainen
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Oscar Isaac in the upcoming Disney+ show 'Moon Knight'
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The MCU is welcoming Oscar Isaac into the fold as its next big superhero. After playing Star Wars’ Poe Dameron, Isaac will portray the titular character of Moon Knight in the forthcoming Disney+ miniseries.

Moon Knight is best known as the fictional Marc Spector, a former Marine, CIA operative, and boxer who becomes a vigilante. The comic book character, first introduced in 1975, finds himself not only battling foes but also a dissociative identity disorder.

The new six-episode series is a part of the MCU’s Phase Four, which includes titles released throughout 2021-2023, such as Black Widow and Spider-Man: No Way Home. As the premiere date for Moon Knight creeps closer, Marvel Studios is revealing more and more about the show — including two trailers for the series. Here’s the scoop on everything Moon Knight, so far.

Moon Knight Plot

When Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige made his official Moon Knight announcement in 2019, he said that the show would be a “new action-adventure series” and described it as “something very unique and exciting for us,” per Entertainment Tonight. Feige added that the series’ protagonist “may or may not be infused with powers from Khonshu the Moon God — or he might just be crazy.”

Often compared to DC Comics’ Batman, Moon Knight is a wealthy man with an appetite for danger. Unlike Batman, however, Spector has many alter egos — there’s a high chance that Moon Knight will spotlight Spector’s dissociative identity disorder and his multiple personalities. Also, Moon Knight’s power is dependent on the moon’s phases.

Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson, and Aaron Moorhead will direct the first season of Moon Knight. Diab is tapped to helm “a sizeable chunk of the episodes,” with Benson and Moorhead slated to direct “several” episodes as well, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Moon Knight Cast

In late 2020, Variety reported that Isaac was in talks to star as Moon Knight. The Ex Machina vet later confirmed that he was set to play the character of Moon Knight on the Mad Gene Media Instagram account in May 2021. (Mad Gene Media is Isaac and his wife/filmmaker Elvira Lind’s production company.) “WE ARE MOONKNIGHT @marvelstudios #moonknight,” read the caption. Behind Isaac’s head featured a number of Moon Knight comic book images.

Ethan Hawke is also on board the Moon Knight train as a villain, though his character’s name and origin story are currently unknown. However, Hawke did reveal on an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers in August that he has based his character on late cult leader David Koresh. Koresh spearheaded the Branch Davidians religious sect and led the infamous Waco siege of 1993.

In his interview with Meyers, Hawke also praised the production value of Moon Knight, emphasizing that it stands out even in a career as long as his. “I’ve been acting since I was 13,” he said. “Like, I did my first movie in 1985, OK? And that’s a long time ago. And these are the best sets I’ve ever been on in my life. The costumes, the set, the production design, the cinematography, all those elements are kind of mind-boggling.”

The Training Day actor further explained that he scored his mysterious Moon Knight part thanks to a chance meeting with Isaac in their Brooklyn neighborhood. “I was at a coffee shop, and he came up to me, he’s like, ‘Hey, I really liked The Good Lord Bird,’” Hawke said. “I was like, ‘Oh, cool, yeah. I really like your work. You’re amazing.’ He’s like, ‘Hey, want to be in the Moon Knight with me?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ So it happened the right way, you know?”

Ramy actor May Calamawy and French star Gaspard Ulliel have also joined Moon Knight. At the moment, Calamawy’s role is still unknown, but Ulliel is confirmed to portray Anton Mogart/Midnight Man. In the Moon Knight comics, Midnight Man is known as a thief of art and jewelry who catches the ire of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Trailer

Several fan-made trailers for Moon Knight have been posted on YouTube, but an official one for the Disney+ miniseries didn’t drop until Jan. 17 — and it was worth the wait. The trailer, aptly set to Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite,” features a closer glimpse at the Moon Knight costume and the blurriness between his dreams and waking life. It also highlights Hawke’s mysterious new character and influence on the titular vigilante.

A month later, on February 13, Marvel aired an additional trailer for Moon Knight during the Super Bowl. The teaser rehashes and condenses the longer, full-length trailer — and adds a few intriguing shots of Isaac and Hawke in action, including glimpses of Isaac using his costume as a personal paraglider and Hawke calling on some ominous purple lightning.

A new teaser trailer for Marvel’s Moon Knight, which aired during February’s Super Bowl LVI

Release Date

Moon Knight will premiere March 30 on Disney+. There will be six episodes, and each will be around 40-50 minutes long, per Collider.

This post will be updated with as more information about Moon Knight becomes available.

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