Every Netflix Holiday Movie, Ranked By Ridiculousness

How will The Princess Switch: Switched Again fare?

Vanessa Hudgens in 'The Princess Switch: Switched Again' via the Netflix press site.

The holiday season is upon us, which means your TV will soon be flooded with loads of festive new films. Traditionally, the Hallmark Channel has been the go-to destination for fans of delightfully cheesy — and often absurd — holiday movies, but in recent years, Netflix has come on as a strong contender for the throne. From the streaming giant's beloved and delightfully wacky A Christmas Prince trilogy to even more ludicrous fare like The Knight Before Christmas, silly holiday movies have found a home at Netflix. That's especially true this year, as the latest Netflix original holiday movies may be the network's most wild yet.

Netflix is gifting fans with at least nine original holiday films this year, and most of them are pretty out-there. Although there's no new installment of A Christmas Prince this year, there's plenty of others to last you well into the New Year. The assumption is that none of these movies will be good in the traditional sense, but they should all be plenty fun. That's why you'll find the films below ranked not from worst to best, but from least-ridiculous to most-ridiculous. Because let's be real, no one is watching Netflix holiday movies to get a head start on their office Oscar pool.

9. Angela's Christmas Wish

This computer-animated sequel to 2017's Angela's Christmas is pretty low-stakes when it comes to absurdity. It's about the titular seven-year-old girl who tries to unite her family on Christmas. It sounds perfectly heartwarming and Christmassy, which is why it's at the bottom of this list.

8. Operation Christmas Drop

A buttoned-down congressional aid travels to a U.S. military base on a Pacific island to shut down its traditional Christmas airlift of gifts and supplies. Naturally, she falls in love with a pilot on the base. This is pretty standard holiday rom-com fare that appears to keep things fairly grounded.

7. Holidate

From here on out, things are going to start trending a lot more ridiculous. Like Operation Christmas Drop, this is a holiday rom-com with a very busy businesswoman stereotype for a protagonist. But unlike that movie, it doesn't try to be realistic in any way. The film sees its lead recruit a "holidate," a man who will serve as her platonic date for all holidays throughout the year, which is what her party animal aunt does. The fact that the movie pretends this is a real thing is plenty absurd, but it's still vaguely within the realm of possibility.

6. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Crossing over into fantasy territory is this new family Christmas movie about a magical toymaker whose greatest invention is stolen by an evil rival. It's pretty inventive, has blockbuster-level special effects, original music by some big names, and an all-star cast. But none of that hides the fact that this plot is pretty out-there, and the whole movie is loaded with so much spectacle that it threatens to burst in an explosion of the Trader Joe's holiday snacks with which it shares a name.


5. The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two

The first Christmas Chronicles was a decent-sized hit back in 2018, with okay reviews. So naturally, the film got a sequel. And since the original story about a pair of kids who try to kidnap Santa (who's kind of a badass for some reason?) was plenty absurd, expect the sequel — which adds the evil Belsnickel as a villain who's out to cancel Christmas — to be twice as wild.

4. Dolly Parton's Christmas On The Square

Dolly Parton is a national treasure, but that doesn't make this holiday film any less ridiculous. It's a Christmas Carol-like tale about a very mean rich woman who plans to evict an entire town on Christmas Eve unless a country singing angel (Parton) can convince her to act like a human being instead of a cartoon villain.

3. Tudo Bem No Natal Que Vem (Just Another Christmas)

In this Brazilian export, a Christmas-hating man falls off a roof while dressed as Santa on Christmas Eve and then wakes up on Christmas Eve the following year... and the year after that... and the year after that... etc. It's a time loop movie, like Groundhog Day or Palm Springs, but instead of the protagonist reliving the same day over and over, he's reliving different Christmas' over and over. Are you confused yet? You should be, because this is maybe the most complicated Christmas movie plot ever conceived.

2. Alien XMas

OK, big exhale. This is a computer animated kids movie about aliens who set out to steal the Earth's gravity on Christmas only to have their plans thwarted by one of their own who discovers the true meaning of Christmas. Or something like that.


1. The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Netflix is just toying with us with this one. The sequel to the 2018 film where Vanessa Hudgens plays a baker and a duchess who happen to be identical and switch lives at Christmas was pretty run-of-the-mill ridiculous, but its sequel is taking things to another level by throwing yet another Hudgens doppelgänger into the mix. At this point, this franchise really needs to address where these Hudgens clones are coming from. Are they part of a government experiment? Is this an Orphan Black situation? The people demand answers!

Netflix's 2020 batch of original holiday movies may be on the absurd side, but let's face it: you wouldn't want it any other way.