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Sam Nejad Was On Another Dating Show Before The Bachelorette

Sam N. is no reality-romance newbie.

Jenn and Sam N. on The Bachelorette. Photo via ABC
Disney/John Fleenor

It’s surely a daunting task to stand out when you’re one of 25 men competing on The Bachelorette. Fortunately, Jenn Tran’s men found creative ways to make a lasting first impression on Night 1. Like, for example, Sam Nejad — who turned his lack of romantic experience into a handy identifier.

“I am a virgin — a love virgin,” the 25-year-old entrepreneur told Jenn during the July 8 premiere. “So, I’ve never been in love. I’ve never experienced love. But what I do know, is that I’ll do everything in my power to see if our love exists.”

In his introduction video, Sam shared that his parents both immigrated from Iran and raised him with a “traditional background.” That meant that relationships were taken very seriously, he explained. “The girl I make my girlfriend is the girl I make my wife.”

But while Sam may not have love experience, he’s no novice to reality romance. Here’s some more info about the Season 21 suitor, including his surprising on-screen resume.

Sam N.’s Dating Show Past

After Jenn’s premiere, Redditor u/SnoringSeaLion pointed out that Sam previously appeared in David Alvareeezy’s “Girls Blind Rank Guys Kissing” video, part of the YouTuber’s larger series of dating and ranking shows. (Spoiler alert: Sam didn’t fare great in the competition.)

“Omg I knew he looked familiar!” commented another fan, adding that they’d seen Sam in other videos as well. He appeared in “Blind Dating 7 Guys Based on Their Halloween Costumes,” for example, where he described his costume as “Middle Eastern Flynn Rider.”

An edit of him even went quite viral on TikTok, and the comments prove that fans were thirsting well before his turn on The Bachelorette.

Spoilers About Sam N. Say...

Sam’s track record on the YouTube series isn’t super successful, but he seems to be a good sport about it. As he joked on Instagram about one video, “Let’s just say blind dates ain’t for me.” But does he fare better on The Bachelorette?

There aren’t too many specific spoilers about Sam’s journey on the show — but according to Reality Steve, he doesn’t make it to Hometowns.

However, even if he’s only on The Bachelorette for a short time, he’s already made quite the impression on the show — from his iconic eyelashes (helped along with a curler, of course) to his chyron that reads, “Never Been to Third Base Emotionally.”


Beyond appearing on dating shows, Sam works as an entrepreneur. “When he’s not working, Sam N. loves watching rom-coms and spending time with his BFF, aka his dog, Wagmi,” per his Bachelorette bio.