Silvio Scaglia’s Fiancée Michelle-Marie Heinemann Has Something In Common With Julia Haart

Here’s everything we know.

After his divorce from Julia Haart, Silvio Scaglia got engaged to someone new. Who is Michelle-Marie...
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My Unorthodox Life Season 2 starts with Julia Haart and Silvio Scaglia’s divorce — and all the logistics that come with it. “Silvio, you want a coffee?” Julia asks as Silvio prepares to move out of the penthouse with all of his things packed up in boxes. “Better not,” he responds before making the final rounds of an unceremonious exit. The rest of the season is decidedly less calm, though, delving into Julia and Silvio’s divorce drama and Silvio firing Julia as CEO of Elite World Group.

Two months after his divorce from Julia was announced, Silvio revealed he was dating Michelle-Marie Heinemann in a press release. “She is a distinguished person of serious achievements, and I admire and respect her and love her greatly,” he said via PR Newswire. “Her brand Old Fashioned Mom has made a big difference in people’s lives. Her commitment to traditional family values is one of the many reasons why I have fallen in love with her and want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

At the time, Silvio and Michelle-Marie described their relationship as “true love” and said they “plan to spend the rest of [their] lives together.” However, it wasn’t until this October that they officially got engaged. “Together for all eternity.❤️,” Michelle-Marie wrote on Instagram.

So, who is Silvio’s new fiancée? Here’s everything we know about Michelle-Marie Heinemann so far.

Michelle-Marie Heinemann’s Job

Michelle-Marie links to the Old Fashioned Mom website in her Instagram bio, where she describes it as “a luxury lifestyle brand specializing in home goods, jewelry, coffee, candy, accessories, apparel, beauty, family, [and] NY.”

Page Six describes Michelle-Marie as a socialite. She told the outlet that she and Silvio will be pursuing philanthropic endeavors together, including a think tank focused on climate change. “We are working on a lot of projects that are important and simpatico,” she said in April. “It is all related to giving back. Children are important to me. I really would like to spend the rest of my life helping people.”

According to Page Six, Michelle-Marie reportedly shopped a reality show about her family called House of Heinemann back in 2013, but it didn’t pan out. It would have been Downton Abbey-esque, though. “I had a large staff at the time,” Michelle-Marie said. “It included the butler and chef and personal shopper. It was a big team, but we were really a family.”

Don’t expect to see Silvio and Michelle-Marie challenge My Unorthodox Life with their own reality show today, though. “I am really just raising my children,” Michelle-Marie told Page Six. “It’s a full time job.”

Michelle-Marie Heinemann’s Family

Speaking of family, Michelle-Marie has two children, Hudson and Hyacinth. The family, including Silvio, have been photographed at several events together, including a football game with Michelle-Marie’s son.

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Michelle-Marie Heinemann’s Instagram

On Instagram, Michelle-Marie regularly shares snaps of her and Silvio.

Since becoming a couple, Michelle-Marie and Silvio have traveled together on several occasions — from French Polynesia to a hot air balloon ride in New York’s Hudson Valley. Silvio appears in many photos with Michelle-Marie’s family, who seems to be based in Boston.

And in one recent post, Michelle-Marie thanked Silvio for a custom photo book of their vacations together. The name on the book read Michelle-Marie Scaglia, seemingly suggesting that she’s already going by a new name in her personal life.