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This SNL Sketch Tells The Story Of A Bridgerton Sex Scene Gone Wrong

Thank you, intimacy coordinators.

Regé-Jean Page and Chloe Fineman portray their 'Bridgerton' characters on 'SNL. 'Photo via SNL
Screenshot via SNL YouTube

With Regé-Jean Page hosting, this week's SNL was full of references to Bridgerton and its very sexy scenes — and one sketch explored what happens when those scenes are coordinated by the wrong (very wrong) people for the job.

Saturday Night Live cast members Mikey Day and Pete Davidson play a pair of rough-around-the-edges replacement intimacy coordinators that lack the refined, Regency touch that made Bridgerton great. They usually handle the "gross-out" special effects, they explain, but there's "not a lot of people getting puked on in movies 'cause of COVID."

So now, they're Bridgerton's problem. They think Daphne (played by Olivia Fineman) and Simon (Page) are siblings, refer to the show as "Bridgetown," and make crude suggestions for the onscreen couple. The pair also provides used modesty garments and green-screen pasties, a far cry from the carefully crafted, opulent world of Bridgerton viewers have come to know and love.

The sketch also pokes fun at the double standards of network censorship. As Kate McKinnon's director character says, "There's actually something to this. We could green-screen in a guy's nipples and then we could play this on any network."

Page, playing himself, isn't having any of it, and ultimately the actors decide to forego the help of these particular intimacy coordinators — but not before witnessing the "pros" simulate a very cringey practice love scene in bed.

The ridiculous result is a reminder to be thankful for people like Lizzy Talbot, who served as Bridgerton's actual intimacy coordinator and helped make sure the actors felt comfortable playing out those intense, personal scenes together.