Everything To Know About Vanderpump Villa

Here’s how the series breaks a Bravo tradition.

Lisa Vanderpump on 'Watch What Happens Live.' Photo via Getty Images
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As fans were still processing the explosive Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion drama, the titular reality maven made another headline — albeit a much less scandalous one. On June 8, a new report broke that Lisa Vanderpump would be helming a new spinoff reality show called Vanderpump Villa. According to Deadline, the show takes place at Lisa’s French villa and “follows her hand-picked staff as they live and work together to navigate every extravagant desire of their well-to-do guests.”

Given the state of Lisa’s reality empire, it makes sense that she might want to jet away for a peaceful French escape. But as it turns out, she seems to have been eyeing this next step for a while (even pre-#Scandoval).

“I’ve got to a stage in my life where everything has to be a passion project,” Lisa told Forbes in a February interview. “I’ve done so many different things that now I find that I am motivated by something that excites me.”

Apparently, Vanderpump Villa does just that. “Ahhhh it’s coming !” Lisa wrote in a recent Instagram post about the new show. Fans reacted to the announcement, too — and for several, the premise of the show feels very similar to another Bravo favorite. “So Below Deck, but make it Vanderpump?” wondered @RenInOz. Similarly, @bravobybetches had some questions. “So… Below Deck but in a French villa and the only guest is LVP? or Vanderpump Rules but in LVP’s house instead of a restaurant? this could be so good or so bad.” Several fans also expressed surprise that the spinoff wasn’t the long-speculated Vanderpump Valley, which Lisa weighed in on last year. “I don’t think we’re there yet,” she told E!, though she didn’t deny the possibility it could happen “one day.”

In the meantime, here’s everything to know about Vanderpump Villa so far — including the key way it differs from Lisa’s other reality projects.

Vanderpump Villa Cast

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So far, there haven’t been any Vanderpump Villa cast announcements. Lisa will serve as executive producer on the new series.

Vanderpump Villa Potential Premiere Date

There’s no official Vanderpump Villa premiere date yet, but there is an important detail that sets it apart from Lisa’s other series. So far, fans have grown accustomed to finding Lisa on NBCUniversal platforms: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules on Bravo, Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump on E!, and Vanderpump Dogs on Peacock. However, Vanderpump Villa will air its ten episodes on Hulu instead.

This post will be updated with the trailer, release date, and additional details as more information on Vanderpump Villa becomes available.