Dominic Calvert-Lewin Only Has Eyes For Football, For Now

For now it looks like he is concentrating on his sporting career... and his fashion game.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin Only Has Eyes For Football, For Now
Paul Ellis - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Dominic Calvert-Lewin is dominating the football field, as striker for the Premier League football club, Everton. And alongside scoring 32 Premier League goals and counting, he made his debut as part of the Men’s England Team in 2020, helping score a win against Wales. All at the age of 24.

After having to step back from football for four months due to an injury, he made his comeback earlier this month. As his career goes from strength to strength, rumours have recently sparked that Arsenal FC are attempting to steal away the fast-footed striker. On which even famed footballer, Rio Ferdinand, commented, “I don’t think Everton let Calvert-Lewin go in this window, no chance. He’s one of the crown jewels. No way!”

But whilst Calvert-Lewin may be a crown jewel in the football world, what about a special someone in his own life?

Although it looks like Calvert-Lewin is currently single, it hasn’t always been that way. Back in 2017, Calvert-Lewin began dating model Meg Taylor-Lilley, however after almost a year together, rumours began swirling that they had broken up.

It had initially been reported that Taylor-Lilley had ended things with Calvert-Lewin so that she would be single during the Love Island selection process. However, after reading the rumours, Taylor-Lilley snapped back on her Instagram story. She wrote to fans, “And for the record I am not going on Love Island and I didn’t dump nobody lmfao.” (via Daily Mail)

Whilst the post gave mixed messages about whether they were still dating, in the years since it looks like they have definitely called it quits. Any photos of the two of them have been deleted from social media and they no longer follow one another on Instagram.

Since then, it looks like Calvert-Lewin has been concentrating on building his career, and at only 24-years-old, he is quickly climbing the ranks. And he has no shortage of fans both inside and outside the football world.

Calvert-Lewin also has a penchant for all things fashion and is regularly uploading photoshoots in bold outfits. His love for fashion is clear, and has been praised by fans in his comments on social media. In a recent photoshoot with High Snobiety, he showed off a bunch of snazzy outfits, thoroughly shedding the stereotype of toxic masculinity in footballing.

And most recently, uploaded a post to Twitter, captioned: “Self-expression is everything. My style, self defined...”

So whilst he’s currently single, we wouldn’t be surprised if someone swoops him (and his excellent outfits) away before long.