34 Genius Things Under $30 On Amazon That Instantly Make Your Home Look & Smell Way Better

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It's so satisfying to come home to a place that looks and smells super clean, but that organized, fresh feeling can be hard to maintain. Thankfully, there are tons of genius home things on Amazon that will get your house looking fab and smelling great — all without you having to spend a lot of time or money in the process.

To get rid of funky smells, there are air fresheners, deodorizers, and cleaning products that contain no harsh fragrances or chemicals — a plus for those with kids, pets, or allergies. To instantly make things more organized, there are clever storage bins and racks, and an especially genius expandable shelf that fits under sinks. And while you're upgrading your home, why not treat yourself to soft and luxurious bed sheets, towels, and a bath mat, too. These not only look great, but they're super cozy as well.

Each item on this list costs $30 and less, proof that sprucing up your home doesn't have to cost a fortune. Whether it's the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen that needs a little freshen up magic, you're sure to find a solution on this list that'll make your house look cleaner and smell better in a flash.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Can Last Up To 10 Hours

With more than 3,000 reviews on Amazon, this essential oil diffuser is highly recommended by many. Multifunctional, equipped with seven LED light settings, and made with eco-friendly materials, fill it up for up to 10 hours of spray at a time. It can even mist in different settings and has a safety switch to avoid overheating.


This Flower Reed Diffuser That Looks & Smells Amazing

Beautifully crafted, this real flower reed diffuser is free from harmful chemicals like methanol, benzene, and formaldehyde. After a day or two, easily replace it with other fabric sticks or turn it upside down. Choose between more than five different scents ranging from a fruity black cherry scent with notes of grape, and apple to a peony with hints of magnolia.


An Absorbent Turkish Towel That Looks So Chic

This Turkish bath towel is made out of 100% cotton making it breathable and durable. Fans love that it gets softer with each wash, and is absorbent and quick drying. It's available in a wide variety of colors and can be used in a range of ways. "These are lightweight, fast drying, easy to clean AND take up little space. Our traditional towels, no matter how new, always ended up with the musty, mildew scent after steady use. What I love about these the most is that the nasty smell doesn’t become an issue— probably due to the thin fabric. [...] these are still comparable in absorbency to a traditional towel," one fan wrote.


This Lavender-Vanilla Spray That Bans Bathroom Odors

This Poo-Pourri toilet spray is both handy and super easy-to-use. With a nontoxic mix and a scent from essential oils, its formula effectively removes odors with a simple spritz. It's also free of parabens and other harmful ingredients and is available in a range of sizes and scents from a cozy wild fig to revitalizing orange mint.


A Sturdy Spice Rack That Sticks To Your Fridge

If you need a little organizing in your kitchen, this spice rack organizer has two tiers and two paper towel holders, with a magnetic backing that adheres to appliances like refrigerators. It’s also designed with five hooks that can be easily removed and comes in four colors and sizes.


These Mood-Setting Taper Candles

Dinner is always fancier with candles lit. Not only can it change the whole mood of mealtime, but they’ll also add some class to your home. Available in 13 eye-catching colors, these non-scented candles are dripless and smokeless. Crafted from high-quality wax, they’ll become your new go-to candle when you want to make an impression.


A Multi-Surface Cleaner Without A Strong Scent

For everywhere around this house, this multitasking cleaner can get the job done. Able to easily eliminate odors and cut through grease, this formula is natural and biodegradable. It's safe for so many different surfaces, including stainless steel, copper, tile, and glass.


A Stainless Steel Sink Caddy That Saves Counter Space

This adhesive sink caddy can hold up to two sponges and one dishcloth at the same time and best of all, you can stick it in the sink or on the wall saving precious counter space. Sturdy and easy to instal, all you need to do is apply its adhesive to a surface. Made out of stainless steel, this holder is also waterproof and rust-resistant.


This Popular Deodorizer That Removes Pet Odors

We all love our pets, but sometimes they leave behind smelly messes that can be a little embarrassing when guests visit. Remind yourself that they’re worth the hassle while using this Angry Orange pet odor eliminator, which pet owners on Amazon can’t stop raving over. “This is the best cleaner I've tried in a long time,” one claimed. “The orange smell is a real orange smell.”


These Air Purifying Bags That Naturally Absorb Odors

These clever air purifying bags use activated charcoal to eliminate odors in any room of the house naturally. The four-pack promises cleaner air for years. You can store them in your closet, bedroom, or even your fridge to help neutralize some of the unpleasant smells in your home. They also happen to be eco-friendly.


These Scrubbing Brushes That Work With Your Drill

Your power drill turns into a powerful cleaning tool with these handy drill brush attachments. The set of three different brushes are perfect for deep cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces to remove stubborn soap scum and grime, with no tedious manual scrubbing required.


This Closet Organizer That Has A Built-In Garment Rod

This fabric closet organizer offers a convenient way to store both folded and hanging garments, and it hangs directly onto your existing closet rod. The four roomy cubbies are great for organizing sweaters, linens, handbags, and more, while the garment rod at the bottom means you don't lose any hanger space in the process.


A Fancy Furniture Polish Made From Beeswax

When was the last time you polished your furniture? It’ll only take a few minutes, and it’ll be easier than ever with this furniture polish from Daddy Van’s. While it’s unscented, it’ll help make a lasting impression on those who stop by. It’s natural, safe for both finished and unfinished woods, and nontoxic, meaning it’s safe to use around pets and infants. It’s amazing the change that one little jar can make.


This Magnetic Knife Strip That Stores Lots Of Utensils

This magnetic knife strip creates a cool way to display your kitchen utensils while saving you drawer space. The heavy-duty stainless steel strip easily mounts on the wall and also includes six hooks for storing additional kitchen tools so everything is easily within reach.


These Fabric Storage Bins That Look Cute On The Shelf

These cute fabric storage bins are great for organizing all sorts of items from knick-knacks to underwear, and they fold up for easy storage when not in use. Sold in a set of four, the bins are available in gray, yellow, or blue striped patterns, as well as a pretty moon-and-stars design. They're also available in a 13-inch by 13-inch size and in packs of two.


A 3-Chamber Soap Dispenser That Saves Space

Declutter your shower with this handy three-chamber soap dispenser, which is easily installed with the included waterproof silicone adhesive. The dispenser can be mounted flat against the shower wall or in the corner and has chambers to hold shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.


These Compact Dishcloths That Look So Cute In Kitchens

These adorable natural fiber Swedish dishcloths are an eco-friendly alternative to using paper towels in the kitchen. The set of three cloths come in lots of cute patterns, including the lemon print pictured here, and you can wash them in the dishwasher or washing machine. They come in a dozen charming prints from cats to veggies to leaves.


An Expandable Shelf That Fits Perfectly Under Sinks

More than 1,000 reviewers love this expandable under-the-sink shelf, which makes the most of that awkward storage space under the kitchen or bathroom sink. The two-tier storage rack features an expandable rail and comes with sturdy steel panels that can be arranged to fit around pipes. Brilliant!


These Cable Clips That Reduce Clutter

This pack of 20 transparent self-adhesive cable clips lock onto various cables and wires and keep them in place, creating a less cluttered and more elegant-looking space. The money-saving pack also comes in black or white and has earned more than 2,500 reviews.


This Closet Dehumidifier That Prevents Musty Odors

Prevent your closet from getting musty with this fragrance-free closet dehumidifier. Filled with drying crystals, the dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air and protects small spaces from dampness, rust, and odors.


A Plug-In Odor Eliminator That Works Up To 3 Months

This plug-in odor eliminator uses a quiet fan and replaceable carbon filter to pull in and eliminate odors for up to three months. There's also a built-in nightlight and the plug-in comes with an optional Green Meadow scent cartridge to add a light, fresh fragrance to your home. However, if you would prefer not to have a nightlight, that's an option, too.


A Trash Can Deodorizer That Also Adds Some Color To Your Kitchen

Okay, so nobody usually thinks “oh, that’s cute” when it comes to trash can deodorizers, but here we are. Remodeez prides itself on making colorful deodorizers for everything, but this purple trash can de-stinker is one of the best. This gadget is great for kitchen trash and diaper pails and uses activated charcoal to control lingering odor. Why doesn’t every one of your trash cans have one of these on the inner lid?


A Grippy Bath Math That Prevents Slips

For a grippy surface in the shower or bathtub, more than 6,000 reviewers gave the Gorilla Grip shower/tub bath mat a thumbs up. The large BPA-free antibacterial mat has hundreds of suction cups to keep it in place, and large holes in the mat allow water to flow through and prevent mold in the process. In addition to the clear mat pictured here, there are 21 colors to choose from.


This Cozy Bath Mat That's Filled With Soft Memory Foam

This soft memory foam bath mat feels so luxurious, and with 14 colors to choose from, it's sure to look great in your bathroom, too. The absorbent mat is covered in cozy microfiber and filled with memory foam, and it's backed with non-slip PVC dots to keep it in place.


This Antimicrobial Shower Liner With 15,000+ Reviews

With over 15,000 reviews and a 4.7 overall rating, this mildew-resistant shower liner is definitely a fan-favorite on Amazon. Made from PEVA, the nontoxic, antimicrobial shower liner can be used alone or paired with your favorite decorative shower curtain.


These Antimicrobial Bamboo & Cotton Towels

These bamboo cotton towels are soft, absorbent, and durable, and they come in two chic colors: gray or blue-green. The bamboo fiber makes these towels naturally antimicrobial. Plus, you get four large towels for $25, so they're a great deal, too.


The Drawer Liners That Subtly Scent Clothes & Linens

These scented drawer liners are infused with fragrance to keep stored items smelling fresh. Sold in a pack of six sheets, the liners are easy to cut and place into drawers or on shelves, and there are three scents to choose from: English Lavender, English Rose, or Fresh Linen.


This Deodorizer That Keeps Your Fridge Fresh

Eliminate odors in the fridge and keep produce fresh for longer with this fragrance-free refrigerator deodorizer, which removes excess moisture and prevents mold growth to boot. The compact, cube-shaped deodorizer can be placed anywhere in the fridge or freezer and works for up to six months.


These Colorful Liners That Keep Your Fridge Clean

Give your fridge a colorful makeover with these BPA-free refrigerator liners, which keep the shelves clean and provide a nice pop of color. Made from porous foam, the liners are lightweight, non-stick, and sold in a pack of seven (three blue, two pink, and two green). Plus, they're a breeze to clean.


These Dryer Balls That Dry Laundry Faster & Softer

Toss a few of these wool dryer balls in with your laundry and not only will they shorten your dry-time (and thus your electric bill), but they will also makes your laundry softer.


A Smart Bulb That You Can Dim For Mood Lighting

These Wi-Fi-enabled light bulbs allow you to control your lights from anywhere and they can even connect to Alexa and Google Assistant. Plus these bulbs are even dimmable for ultimate lighting control. They come in a pack of four and can be set to one of 16 million colors for ambiance.


An Air And Linen Freshener For Better Sleep

A few spritzes of this calming lavender and chamomile essential oil aromatherapy spray on your linen or in the air and many reviewers say you will instantly relax — it can even help lull you to sleep. The eco-friendly spray is made with only natural ingredients and comes in several other scents, as well.


A Rug Pad To Keep Your Rugs Safe And Secure All Day

A rug doesn’t have much purpose if it’s crumpled on the floor. Make your rugs less of a hazard while simultaneously making your home look better with these rug pad grippers. Great for the bathroom, front entry, or kitchen, these pads will ensure that no embarrassing (or painful) slips occur. These are easy to use, and won’t add any additional height to your rug.


These Candles That Smell Amazing & Look Pretty Too

Not only do these aromatherapy candles smell amazing, they also come in beautifully decorated tins. This set comes with two natural soy wax candles in different soothing scents: sage and lavender. Each candle can burn for up to 50 hours.

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