9 Organizing Hacks You’ll Want To Steal From TikTok

Simple but effective tips for organizing your space and time.

A person arranges their clothing drawers while their dog looks on. TikTok has some useful home organ...
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You head to TikTok when you need to clear your brain (or fill it with delightful ridiculousness). Who says you can't log in when you need some good old adulting advice? Getting your space organized can be a daunting task, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. Some of the best organizational hacks on TikTok might be good discussion topics for your next housemate chore meeting.

If you spent your childhood being told that you need to organize your room a certain way or it's not really clean, you might have that lingering anxiety that everything's got to be done "right." But adulting is relative, and you're allowed to experiment with whatever organizational systems work for you. That might involve rearranging your kitchen to maximize space-saving, or it might be about figuring out how to arrange your Google Calendars so that your brain can feel as organized as your cabinets.

Whatever you need to help bring some structure into your home and headspace, the wide world of TikTok might just have some ideas for you. When the mood next strikes you to go on a cleansing spree, check out these nine organizational hacks on TikTok to guide you on your way.


Do What Works Best For You

The first thing to know is that it doesn't matter if where you keep your stuff doesn't make sense to other people. If your organization system works for you (even if it doesn't look like a system to someone else), then that's what you've got to do.


Repurpose Your Stuff

You know you love the containers Talenti ice cream comes in, so why not reuse them to reduce that clutter on your desk? You can use Talenti containers for binder clips, or clean takeout containers for storing lotion and whatever else you might need to keep on hand.


Fold Your Unfoldable Tank Tops

Figuring out how to fold your favorite basics is a good place to start organizing your room, and this TikTok can show you how. If you want to maximize space by folding your clothes nice and small without wrinkling them, try placing your tanks and other shirts face down, collapse them into a long rectangle, then fold horizontally until they're much smaller.


Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Shelf Space

Not sure what to do with the lazy Susan your aunt got you for Christmas? When it's not being used for serving brunch, use it to store your oil bottles. You also might want to grab some of those clear storage containers to keep your dry goods visible and organized. That way, you'll always know when you need to buy more corn flakes.


Organize Your Stuffed Animal Collection

Whenever my wife and I move, the hardest question is if and who to put up for adoption from my stuffed animal collection. With this stuffed animal organization hack, though, as many fluffy friends as you desire can stay living with you. Get yourself a nice, empty bean bag chair cover (i.e., without the stuffing, which makes it much cheaper) and fill it with your stuffies to keep them safe, clean, and nearby.


Make Location Count

This TikTok gets right to the point: if you're not sure where to put something, try storing things close to where you're going to need them. Keep your oven mitts close to the oven, your masks next to your front door — you get the picture.


Arrange Your Time

Organization isn't just about the space around you. It's also about keeping your mind on task. This TikTok user recommends trying out the free Focus Keeper app to use a timer to remind you to keep going at your to-do list (and take breaks!). Whether you're trying to map your time better or just stay on target, to-do apps can make organizing your brainspace fun and easy.


Get Your Calendars Together

Is everything in your life crammed into the same Google Calendar? This TikTok hack for organizing your time shows you how to make separate Google Calendars with their own notification settings for all your needs. A special due dates calendar, anyone?


Structure Your Morning

If your morning is organized, the rest of your day probably has a better chance of feeling steady, too. You might consider splitting one hour of your morning into 20-minute slots for activities like learning, exercising, and mindfulness, this TikTok suggests. That way, you'll start off with the kind of structure and energy you'll need to feel settled all day.