Jay Polish

Dr. Jay Polish is a Lifestyle News Writer at Bustle, where they write about health, mental health, fitness, and identity. Jay is the author of two young adult books, Lunav and Lost Boy, Found Boy (NineStar Press). Lunav is a lesbian enemies-to-lovers faerie tale, and Lost Boy, Found Boy is a trans sci-fi re-telling of Peter Pan. They are also creating stories for the reading app Tales, where they write choose-your-own-adventure space-lesbian romance graphic novels. Their Theatre and English classes in the CUNY system were full of comics and queer joy, as were their graduate studies. They received their PhD in English from the CUNY Graduate Center, which was really an excuse to write more about fandom and classroom accessibility amidst ableism and racism. When Jay isn't writing queer science fiction and fantasy, they're reading or watching it. Get them talking about Marvel (it's too easy), and they will happily die on the hill that all Spider-people are trans and that Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau are married and have a child together. You can read more about their author shenanigans at jpolish.com.