I Tried An App That Offers Custom Advice From Astrologers

It also gives you tarot cards, crystal suggestions, and daily mantras.

A review of the Cosmic Fusion astrology app.
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It isn’t always immediately clear when you’re in an astrology lover’s apartment, but there will be signs. They’ll have crystals everywhere, incense sticks, salt lamps, and other mystical, magical decor. And the same is true if you peep their phone, which will likely be full of zodiac-themed apps.

This is so me, BTW. I have the salt lamp, the crystal collection, and the incense, and I also have quite a few astrology apps that I open whenever I want to read my daily horoscope or check to see what the planets have in store for me, especially if something feels different. It’s always nice to blame a bad day on Mercury retrograde or a sudden urge to make a change on an upcoming new moon.

The Cosmic Fusion app is packed with this type of info, so I knew I had to add it to my collection. But what really sweetened the deal was the live astrology readings. It isn’t every day that you get to talk to an actual astrologer, but with Cosmic Fusion, it’s like you always have one in your back pocket.

Keep reading below for my review of the app and what it was like to chat with an expert.

What To Know About The Cosmic Fusion App

Cosmic Fusion is a personality and compatibility app that combines Western and Chinese astrology. Western astrology includes the recognizable sun signs, like Scorpio and Taurus, while Chinese astrology assigns you an animal based on the Chinese calendar. If you were born in 1993, for instance, then you’d be a Rooster.

The Features

The app “fuses” or blends the two practices for a unique astrological reading, and it also uses its algorithm to give you personalized insight and guidance based on your birth chart. There’s a tarot section within the app, a daily horoscope, and a compatibility section for love, career, and friendship-related questions.

The app has fun interactive moments, like zodiac quizzes and tarot readings that allow you to flip over your cards. There’s also a daily mantra to inspire your day, your top compatibility matches, info on the upcoming planetary events, like full moons, and the latest astrological news from the Cosmic Fusion blog.

To remember what your birth date means, go to the “You” tab and see everything laid out, including your sun sign, element, planet, and gemstone according to both Chinese and Western philosophies.

And then, of course, there’s the live Astrologers tab. This feature allows you to connect with experts in real-time for personalized insights. They’ll read your birth chart, answer questions about love, share career guidance, and more.

The Price & Subscription Breakdown

While Cosmic Fusion is free to download, you can spend a little extra to unlock more content. A weekly subscription of $2.99 gives you more tarot readings, compatibility info, and cosmic goings-on. You can opt for a monthly subscription at $4.99 or a year for $39.99. The live astrology readings cost extra and start at $15.75 for five minutes, and then go up from there.

My Experience

To try the app, I decided to go for the $ 2.99-a-week option so I had access to everything Cosmic Fusion offers.

I kicked things off by entering my birthday, which immediately brought up my Western and Chinese zodiac signs, elements, planets, and gemstones. Even though I love astrology, I definitely don’t know everything there is to know, so I liked that I could tap on each one to learn more, or go to the You tab to see it all laid out in detail.

My sun sign, element, and Chinese animal all showed up on the Home tab, too, along with a daily tarot reading, zodiac quiz, daily mantra, and my top compatibilities. Turns out, I get along best with 30-something Cancers and Pisces.

To check if my best friend is truly my best friend according to the stars, I went to the Match tab and typed in her birthday. Turns out we’re a 60% match, which isn’t bad for astrology. A long paragraph broke it all down and even said, “There’s a natural chemistry between the two of you.”

As I’ve tried this app, I’ve found myself drawn to the tarot section most. Today, my tarot card was the Queen of Pentacles, which represents healing, strength, goddess energy, and abundance. To bring this card into balance, Cosmic Fusion recommended I surround myself with crystals that attract prosperity, like citrine, tiger’s eye, peridot, and clear quartz.

I’ve also been enjoying the three-card spreads. Today mine revealed the Four of Pentacles, The Lovers, and The Moon cards. The first represents stability and resourcefulness, the second harmony and choices, and the third psychic intuition, magic, and lunar energy.

According to the app’s description of these cards, this spread could symbolize my dreams and my unconscious mind, as well as an important choice I need to make. Meanwhile, the Four of Pentacles suggests I’m feeling abundant and secure. It doesn’t explain how all three work together, but with tarot, all things are left up to interpretation.

Like any astro girly, I’ve also had fun checking the Cosmos tab for my daily horoscope. Today, it says that the sun is in Pisces, which means it’s a good time for me to manifest transformations. My mantra is, “I embrace change with courage and trust my intuition to guide me.”

It also says the next full moon is the “Worm Moon” on March 24, and it’s in the majestic sign of Libra. That means it will be a time of fairness, justice, and beauty for everyone — just like the air sign itself. But because this is Cosmic Fusion, the app also explained how I’ll be impacted by these planetary changes personally.

As an example, I learned that this is the year of the Wood Dragon. As a Scorpio, I’ll begin this year with a burst of passion and energy, so it’ll be a good time for me to set goals and initiate projects. Funnily enough, I already felt that energy, even before seeing the app.

Where this app really shines, IMO, is the live reading. When you tap the Astrologers tab, it brings you to a bio page with five different astrologers. If they’re online they’ll have a green dot next to them. To get a reading, I clicked on astrologer Valerie Mesa, who has 8 years of experience and lots of glowing reviews.

The Apple Pay option popped up and eventually we were connected. I went for a five-minute reading and the app asked if I wanted to focus on Love, Career, or Other. I chose Other because I wanted to ask about my friends.

Once we connected, Valerie popped up in a chat. It’s good to go in knowing your birth location and time, but the astrologers can already see your birthday. All of this info allows them to bring up a natal chart, which is exactly what Valerie did.

I wanted to get a general idea of my astrological makeup, so she sent me my chart and gave me a quick recap. Valerie told me I’m “very water dominant” which means I’m more “tapped in emotionally and intuitively than most.” I took that to mean I’m a big-time crier, and I’m totally OK with that.

I also wanted to ask about friendships, as I’ve recently met a lot of new people. Turns out, three planets are currently opposing my friendships sector, which she said might mean big changes are coming my way. It also might explain, she said, why I don’t feel completely settled. She went on to say that I might be mentally reevaluating my values, which felt on-point.

Valerie added that I’m a naturally private person thanks to my Pluto in Venus and honestly, that is so true. I also learned that I’m experiencing a big shift overall, specifically regarding my sense of self. When I asked Valerie if it meant new friends were coming my way, she said “Of course!”

The reading went on from there and included more insight into my life. As I reached the end of my reading, the app asked if I wanted to pay more to continue, and I did one time to get a bit more insight.

The Takeaway

I’ve been using this app for a few weeks and I feel like I’ve already learned more about myself, especially my Chinese zodiac traits and how they impact me. It’s been fun to dive deeper into my Western astrology, too, to learn more about my life as a watery Scorpio.

The interactive tarot cards are fun to play with whenever I’m taking a mental break at work, and it’s been super insightful to type in the birthdays of the people in my life to learn more about our compatibility and what we can do to better get along.

As it goes with phones, the app did have a couple of glitches here and there, but the ongoing updates set those straight every time. The unique features, like the Western/Chinese fusion, and the interactive options, like the live chat, made it well worth it.

If you want to do a chat, I’d recommend having your questions at the ready, as well as your personal info like your birth hour and location. That way you can dive right into your conversation and make the most of your astrological reading.