December's Full Moon Is Bringing Extra Drama For These 3 Zodiac Signs

You might find that you’re extra sensitive to feelings of frustration.

The 3 zodiac signs most affected by the December 2022 full moon.
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The year may be swiftly coming to an end, but there’s still one major full moon coming through to brighten up this dark stretch of the year. Rising on the night of Dec. 7 in the curious and communication-focused sign of Gemini, this lunation is traditionally nicknamed the “Cold Moon” — but the amount of planetary drama happening alongside it has enough spark to keep us warm. All zodiac signs will want to brace themselves for a little full moon friction, but if you’re one of the zodiac signs most affected by December’s full Cold Moon, then you’ll want to be extra prepared.

We’re currently in the midst of worldly and philosophical Sagittarius season — a time for broadening horizons and finding the silver linings in all the stormy late-autumn clouds. But December’s full moon in quick-thinking Gemini will temporarily shift our attention away from the big picture and onto the smaller moments that make up our lives. Full moons are almost always an auspicious time to let go of things, but this one in particular is especially primed to bring a sense of closure and release. The lunation shines a spotlight on all the little details and preoccupations that need to be shed from your psyche as you wrap up the year and welcome the winter season. Thanks to a lunar conjunction with feisty Mars retrograde and a supportive trine from Saturn, it’ll bring the motivation you need to finally cut things off. Use this as an opportunity to clear the clutter from your heart and mind.

That said, a few zodiac signs will want to beware of drama, too. Mars retrograde can be a challenging transit, as it temporarily dampens our energy levels and dims the flames of our passions — so given its alignment with this full moon, you might find that you’re extra sensitive to feelings of frustration. Additionally, the communication planet Mercury and relationship-oriented Venus are both squaring off with party-animal Jupiter, which could lead you to over-exaggeration or saying things you don’t really mean. With that in mind, it’s important to take things slow and try not to act hastily in the heat of the moment. You can still make plenty of progress when you take your time.

Read on to find out if you’re one of the zodiac signs most affected by the December 2022 full moon, then take a deep breath and try to channel some of the Cold Moon’s cool-headedness to keep your chill.

Gemini Zodiac Signs (May 21 - June 20)

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This full moon marks a major culmination and climax point for you in terms of your personal growth, Gemini. Passionate planet Mars has been retrograding through your sign since late October, and this lunation marks a high point in the transit — helping you find clarity around what actions you’d like to take next and how you can best move forward on your goals. It may be time to let go of relationships that aren’t working for you or have closure-focused conversations to help you move forward.

Don’t worry if it feels like your progress on things hasn’t been up to your usual fast-moving pace. This full moon will illuminate the little roadblocks and lingering frustrations that need clearing away so that you can charge ahead at full speed once the time is right.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

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Your closest one-on-one connections are being lit up by this full moon, Sagittarius, so you may need to slow down and check in with your interpersonal commitments. Frustrations with a partner could come to a breaking point now, and the built-up tension between you could finally crack the foundation of the relationship. On the upside, this might be exactly what was needed to release some of the pressure.

While it’ll be easy to get argumentative, try to keep your cool as you communicate your feelings and desires to others and be willing to take responsibility for your own actions. Are there personal hang-ups and biases that are keeping you from fully connecting with the people closest to you? It may be time to start shedding the parts of yourself that are holding you back from fully opening your heart.

Pisces Zodiac Signs (Feb. 19 - March 20)

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With the full moon rising in your ultra-personal fourth house, you may find that these emotional lunar waves are hitting close to your heart. This is actually a very special lunation for you, Pisces, as it’s the last of your lifetime during which your two planetary rulers — Jupiter and Neptune — will be together in your sign.

Collectively, the action is activating a major sense of push-and-pull between your public and private life. In order to fully show up in the world and make your most powerful mark, you may need to shed some familial resentments or let go of buried memories that feel more like baggage. Lightening your emotional load and getting your internal affairs in order will make it so much easier to shine your light through your career and public image. Speak your truth and stop tip-toeing around your own comfort.