69 Great Gifts For Guys No Matter What Their Hobbies Are

These items go way beyond whiskey stones and framed photos.

by Teresa Newsome, Mia Mercado and Brittany Leitner
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the best gifts for men include bacon coffee, headphones, and more.
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Every holiday season, retailers sell a ton of wallets, ties, and sports-themed sweatshirts to people shopping for the guys in their life. Although those will always be gift staples, they're not always particularly creative when it comes to wrapping something meaningful up for everyone on your list. As for the gifts guys actually want, picking items from the gems on this list are far more unique options than the tired whiskey stones and beard kits you always pick up last minute.

The gifts included on this list will appeal to a number of different interests, so no matter what the person you're shopping for is into, you're covered. Is he a music buff? Really into hiking? Maybe he’s looking to upgrade his home decor? This list has it all. It included practical stuff, pop culture-themed stuff, random stuff, personalized stuff, food-themed stuff, grooming stuff, beauty stuff... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

It's a good time to be a person looking for a cool gift idea because the choices couldn't be vaster or more accessible than they are right now. Read on for some inspiration as to what gifts to buy your dad, brother, grandpa, or partner this year.

1. For The Productive Guy

If your guy’s a multitasker, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 will help him get it all done. With the features of both a tablet and a PC (think: drag and drop and being able to work on multiple windows) and an all-day battery, this tablet will become an everyday essential.

2. For The Guy Who Loves Tequila & Sports

This small-batch tequila was made by NBA legends Michael Jordan, Wes Edens, Jeanie Buss, Wyc Grousbeck, and Emilia Fazzalari. Gifting this knocks out two levels of thoughtfulness with one stone: their love of sports and their love of tequila.

3. For The High-Tech Guy

With a one-month battery life and clinically proven plaque-removing abilities, this toothbrush will make sure your guy never has bad breath again.

4. For The Bacon Lover

There's bacon. There's coffee. And now there's bacon coffee. This is not a drill.

5. For The Basketball Player In Your Life

The basketball player in your life will love these top-rated training gloves that improve strength and coordination.

6. For The Stoner

Perfect for a nostalgic smoke sesh.

7. For The Guy With A Sweet Tooth

If the one on your list can’t end a meal without something sweet, look no further than these treats as stocking stuffers. These gourmet candies-on-a-stick come in vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, and coffee flavors.

8. For The Coffee-Drinker

This travel mug keeps your guy’s beverage hot for up to five hours and cold for up to 15 hours. Plus, with a splash-proof lid, he can keep his coffee from spilling when he’s late for work and has to sprint to the office (again).

9. For The Star Wars Fanatic

Just as long as you know...

10. For The Woodsy Guy

With layered scents of Fireside, Redwood, and Sandalwood Clove, he’ll feel like he’s in the great outdoors when he’s curled up on the couch with this fragrance from WoodWick. Even better, The Pluswick® Innovation wick crackles.

11. For The Game Of Thrones-Obsessed Guy

Because winter is coming, of course.

12. For The Always-Curious Guy

Now they never have to worry that they won't survive camping.

13. For The Sleepy Guy

Coffee isn't just for a cup anymore.

14. For The Chill Guy

For the most zen person you know, this amber and musk candle has a 50-hour burn time.

15. For The Meat-Loving Guy

These claws make handling hot food and shredding meat like chicken, pork, or ham a breeze. And not only are they heat resistant, but they also look pretty cool, too.

16. For The Competitive Guy

Any place with a flat surface is the place where your favorite person dominates the paddles.

17. For The Kid At Heart

We need to take a minute to talk about this wonder of culinary science. It lets you make crispy grilled cheese in the toaster. In the toaster! It's a great time to be alive.

18. For The Competitive Kid At Heart

You shoot, you score, you have a nutritious breakfast. You are the MVP of the morning! The crowd goes wild!

19. For The Dog Dad

Maybe your giftee is more of a dog person. Showing some pet love will get you close to their heart.

20. For The Stylish Guy

Upgrade their falling-apart Jansport and give them a grown-up leather backpack that fits their vibe better.

21. For The Guy Who Just Moved

Perfect for the one who could use a little more greenery in their space.

22. For The Athlete

Give the runner or soccer player in your life a boost of energy before they crush competition or break a PR.

23. For The Guy Who Loves A Black Tie Event

For the one who will use any excuse to get fancy.

24. For The Guy With A Man Cave

So your loved one can protect their teeth, countertops, and other hard objects.

25. For The Guy Who’s Serious About His Caffeine

Delicious coffee at home? That’s a no-brainer.

26. For The Guy Who Loves Cookies

If he never skips dessert, look no further than this tin filled with classic Milk Bar treats. From the iconic B'Day Cake Truffles to a slice of the Milk Bar Pie, this is a gift you’ll surely want to help them out with.

27. For The Guy With A Green Thumb

Dress up your favorite plant dad’s collection with a bamboo planter stand that’s sure to work in any home.

28. For The Guy Who Has A Million Hobbies

With their very own ukulele, your partner will have no excuse to not serenade you.

29. For The Guy Who Always Recommends Podcasts

These lightweight headphones offer active noise cancellation and ambient sound, along with two-way dynamic speakers. So your guy can get a crisp sound — and total peace and quiet — when he listens to his favorite pods.

30. For The Guy Who Takes Hours To Get Ready

Beard maintenance isn't optional.

31. For The Sentimental Guy

The place you got married? The place you met? The coordinates of your first home? The possibilities are endless.

32. For The Gadget-Loving Guy

It's a lightbulb. No, it's a speaker. No, it's both! Tiny-house-approved.

33. For The Artsy Guy

Society6 has a great collection of art — you'll be able to find something for anyone.

34. For The Comfy Guy

Upgrade their old college sweats.

35. For The Day Drinker

Because there's gluttonous day drinking and there's professional day drinking, and this mug lets you know which one is happening.

36. For The Lego Lover

Make their childhood dreams a reality.

37. For The Cold Brew Fan

This glass container with a stainless steel mesh container fits perfectly in the fridge and makes a cold brew that's 70% less acidic than the hot coffee you get at the store — and way cheaper, too!

38. For The Music Lover

For the music lover who always forgets to take their shoes off in the house, this is both a personalized gift and a gentle reminder.

39. For The Photographer

If your giftee is a photographer, this is a useful and sentimental gift.

40. For The Pet Lover

For the dog dad on your holiday list.

41. For The Handy Man

This slim wallet insert has 18 different uses — including a bottle opener, fruit peeler, an eyeglass screwdriver, a box opener, and a cell phone stand. If you know someone who loves fixing everything they come across, they’ll love this.

42. For The Go-Getter

Each candle in The 125 Collection is adorned with a mantra, be it inspiring or silly. Also, you can choose from a range of scents for each design.

43. For The Liquor Enthusiast

Scotch drinkers will love this tasty tool for digging food out of their teeth.

44. For The Beach Bum

Have beer, will travel.

45. For The Movie Buff

Because bonfire gourmet is totally a thing now.

46. For The Cartoon Lover

If your guy still watches cartoons and is also a little grumpy, here’s a mug that just gets them.

47. For The Fun Guy

What’s better than mini golf and pool? Both at once.

48. For The Goofball

Watch your step, because you're no longer safe... from fun!

49. For The Grill King

This portable grill is easy to fold up and take wherever you have some charcoal and burgers. It's made of heat-resistant steel and makes a surprising amount of food.

50. For The Hiker

The outdoorsiest one on your list will love putting this massive puzzle together — in between trips to Yosemite, of course.

51. For The Cyclist

These turn signals are waterproof, easy to install, extra-bright, and fit on any curved or straight handlebar — and a must-have for anyone who bikes at night.

52. For The Indoor Cyclist

These indoor cycling shoes will keep the Peleton-obsessed on your list looking stylish during their favorite activity.

53. For The Whiskey-Obsessed

It's whiskey, not mustache tea.

54. For The Trivia Buff

Perfect for the know-it-alls, the ones who are a little too good at lying, or anyone who loves trivia.

55. For The Foodie

Do you have a sauce connoisseur on your list? They need to know about TRUFFLIN.

56. For The Camper

Literally a nap sack.

57. For The Steak Lover

Every day is hibachi with the steak stone.

58. For The Cool Guy

They probably need to ditch their worn-out beanie anyway.

59. For The Guy Who Seeks Inspo

Practical and fashionable.

60. For The Book Worm

If the bookish person in your life has yet to read this New York Times-bestselling essay collection, you'll want to add it to the list.

61. For The Traveler

The guy in your life who’s been plotting their next big trip will love this gorgeous print of Big Sur.

62. For The WFH Guy

This aluminum, adjustable cell phone stand is perfect for catching up on videos or TV shows while also doing other things.

63. For The Skincare Junkie

This unscented face serum from Etsy shop Fresh Seed Glow is perfect for the guy who loves skincare products.

64. For The Cat Dad

If the one you're buying for loves cats, this is a great gift to buy.

65. For The Wine Aficionado

A crisp chardonnay with notes of honeydew, pear, and starfruit will tickle any wine lover’s fancy.

66. For The Graphic Tee Guy

A premium cotton graphic tee featuring custom artwork is an eye-catching addition to any wardrobe.

67. For The Matcha Man

This ceremonial-grade matcha green tea powder is organically grown and great for lattes.

68. For The All-Purpose Chef

This ceramic non-stick pan functions as eight pieces of cookware in one and is available in six vibrant hues.

69. For The Cologne Connoisseur

Smoky and seductive, this earthy cologne contains notes of rare oud, sandalwood, and amber.

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