25 Brilliant Holiday Gift Ideas Under $30 For Every Type Of Coworker

Featuring a DIY hot sauce kit, a luxe hand cream, and more.

Holiday gift ideas for coworkers that cost $30 and under.
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Choosing holiday gifts for your coworkers can be surprisingly difficult. Work relationships run the gamut, after all. There’s your favorite person in HR who says hi to you every day, your actual work bestie who knows your deepest secrets — and everyone in between.

Beyond how well you know someone, other factors can make finding the perfect coworker gift even trickier: There might be a holiday gift exchange with a price limit, you might not know what someone wants or needs, and you’ll also want to keep an eye on your own budget since this time of year can get pricey fast.

That said, choosing gifts for the people you interact with every single day — whether that’s online or IRL — can also be super fun. You hear their stories, get a peek into their lives on Zoom, and smell what they’re heating up for lunch, and all of that intel can serve as a clue for what might make them super happy this season.

Whether you’re looking for a neutral item for a white elephant party or something extra thoughtful for your fave work pal, there’s no shortage of holiday gift ideas that land somewhere under the $30 mark. Whatever the case may be, the list below is sure to cover all your bases.

1. A Luxe Hand Cream

Is the air in your office super dry? If so, your coworker will definitely appreciate an extra moisturizing hand cream, especially one that’s pretty enough to keep on their desk. The citrusy-vanilla scent of this option from Grown Alchemist is a nice touch.

2. A DIY Hot Sauce Kit

This DIY hot sauce kit is perfect for that colleague who keeps Tobasco packets at their desk. Once they make their own sauce — using the kit’s all-natural ingredients, like sweet and hot chilis — they’ll be able to doctor up burritos, pizza, and more.

3. A Fun Card Game

Don’t sleep on a fun card game. Snag this one for your jokey, fun-loving pal at work or for a secret Santa. It’s fast-paced and only takes a minute to learn, and because you need three to eight players, you might even bust it open at your holiday office party.

4. A Muscle Massager

If you know someone who works extra long hours, present them with this cute muscle massager from Sephora. All they have to do is roll the 100% natural beechwood nubs over tight shoulders — perhaps while they’re taking a call — for some tension relief.

5. A Matcha Starter Pack

If you have a colleague who’s always grabbing an afternoon matcha kit, this starter set will win their heart. It comes with everything you need to make the perfect cup. Throw in a packet of matcha tea as a bonus and they can enjoy it right away.

6. A Fancy French Press

A sleek French press will be perfect for your coffee-obsessed coworker. (You know the one.) It makes three 12-ounce cups per brew and features a built-in filter so they can pour right from the carafe. It can also be used with loose tea leaves if that’s more their jam.

7. A Monogrammed Tote Bag

For a gift that’s more personalized, get this chic tote bag monogrammed with your coworker’s initial. It’s nice and large, and even has a zipper across the top so their stuff won’t fall out.

8. A Cozy-Smelling Candle

No one’s ever mad about receiving a candle. Gift your colleague this seasonal scent so your work wife can make their home smell like sandalwood, sage, musk, and juniper.

9. A Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix

Let your coworker take their Swiss Miss obsession to the next level with a gourmet, single-origin hot chocolate mix. It’s rich, subtly sweet, and makes four servings. (Be extra nice and maybe they’ll share.)

10. A New Lunchbox

Here’s one for the coworker who can’t stop talking about meal prep. This bento box has three compartments — plus a fork and spoon — so they can continue to win the honorary “best lunch” award.

11. A Holiday Snack

Present your snack-loving coworker with their very own nut trio featuring roasted almonds, peanuts, and cashews.

12. A Breakfast Treat

Need a gift for someone you work with closely every day, but still somehow don’t know very well? Enter: the holiday jam set. This one from Macy’s features Maine blueberry, a holiday-themed flavor, and raspberry peach champagne jam. It’s tasty, it’s festive, and it’s not too personal.

13. A Trip To The Bookstore

This is the perfect gift for your coworker who keeps asking if you’ll join their book club. Choose any value you want from $10 to $350 and load it up. They can shop from home or make a fun trip to the store to peruse the stacks.

14. A Beauty Buy

Any beauty lover will have heart eyes upon receiving this set of lip glosses. Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb Cream is a cult favorite for a reason: They deliver the perfect wash of pigment, shine, and hydration, all in one tube.

15. An Artsy Puzzle

If you’re wondering what to get your design-loving coworker, set them up with this 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring one of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s most popular designs. When finished, it’ll measure 20 inches by 27 inches.

16. A Pack Of Uplifting Notes

Wrap up this super-cute box of sticky notes for that colleague who’s got an affirmation practice. It includes 101 self-adhesive notes that can be stuck somewhere — like their computer monitor — to boost their mood.

17. A Stress Reliever

Wrap up this therapy dough for the coworker who’s always silently rubbing their temples at their desk. The soft, pliable putty can be squeezed and stretched during tense moments. As an added benefit, it’s infused with calming aromatherapy for more stress relief.

18. A Mug Warmer

Give your chilliest coworker the gift of coziness this season with a coffee mug warmer. It not only slows down the cooling speed of hot coffee but can also reheat a cup up to 120 degrees. The warmer stays on when a mug is set down and turns off when it’s lifted.

19. A Serious Thermos

The Stanley thermos is a classic for a reason. It features a vacuum seal and extra insulation to keep hot things hot and cold things cold. It’s also known for its rust-proof stainless steel, leak-resistant lid, and a top that doubles as a cup. They can tote it to work or sip from it at home.

20. An Inside Joke

Give this to your work BFF who’s also always in the bathroom. It’s the perfect lighthearted gift, but it’s also super useful — and smells like DedCool’s cult-favorite Taunt fragrance with notes of bergamot, vanilla, and amber.

21. A New Notebook & Pen

This handmade notebook from the Etsy shop Zora Botanica has pretty block colors on its cover, thick paper inside, and it comes with a pen. At 5.25 inches by 7.75 inches, it’s perfect for meeting notes, to-do lists, or whatever else they feel like jotting down.

22. A Sleek Desk Fan

Some offices just don’t have the best air conditioning. Gift your coworker their very own AC by way of this desk fan. It’s tiny, features 360-degree tilt rotation, and comes with a USB connection — and it’s ultra quiet so it won’t disrupt Zoom meetings.

23. A Desk Plant

Is your work bestie constantly looking for ways to upgrade their workspace? Present them with this chic little succulent from Lula’s Garden. The artsy box comes with a medium-sized, pre-planted succulent plus a water dropper, so it’ll be a no-brainer for them to keep it alive.

24. A Hand-Painted Mug

This one-of-a-kind, hand-painted stoneware mug will make any Monday feel just a little less sad. Made by United By Blue, a sustainable outdoor brand, it holds 8 ounces of coffee or tea. It can also be put in the microwave for a quick reheat.

25. A Cool Pair Of Socks

Everyone loves a good pair of socks, especially when they have a fun print like this knit pair. They’ll be a big hit for the coworker who likes to show off their style as well as the ones who like to stay cozy.