How To Communicate With A Scorpio, According To An Astrologer

They’d rather sit in silence than make small talk, FYI.

How to communicate with a scorpio, according to an astrologist.
Getty Images/Tim Robberts

Your astrological profile can shed lots of light on the way you communicate with the world around you — but regardless of your zodiac sign, the desire to interact with others and share your feelings is universal. For seductive and secretive Scorpios, building trust and cutting out any conversational BS is imperative in being able to form a true connection. And if you want to know how to communicate with a Scorpio in the most effective way possible, then you’ll need to learn a little bit more about this enigmatic sign.

Despite their tough exterior and edgy reputation, Scorpios are one of the zodiac’s sensitive water signs. This means they tend to be more introverted, introspective, and highly driven by their emotions. While they certainly have a lot of deep feelings, Scorpios can also be quite mysterious, so don’t expect them to wear their hearts on their sleeve or share what’s on their mind unless they really trust you. Scorpios also can’t stand small talk or petty gossip, so wooing them with water cooler conversations won’t work out very well. These solitary creatures have no fear of awkward silences and no interest in discussing anything surface-level. Instead, Scorpios want to cut straight to the heart of every matter, so communicating with clarity, honesty, and depth is a must.

Here, a few key tips on how to communicate with a Scorpio without getting stung.

Take A No-Nonsense Approach

Scorpios may be water signs, but don’t mistake them for sappy sentimentalists off the bat. The cosmic scorpion doesn’t want to hear anything mushy or messy from anyone unless they’ve been fully initiated into their circle of trust — so spilling too many feelings too soon may prompt a Scorpio to put their guard up or question your motives. They appreciate a more pragmatic style of communication, so avoid bombarding them with unnecessary details or going on tangents, and focus on simply saying what needs to be said. Concise, thoughtful, and grounded conversations show Scorpios that you value their time and know what you want, all of which help to build respect and make your interactions stronger.

That said, once you get closer to a Scorpio, it can be wonderful to open up about intense and emotional topics. These deep feelers aren’t afraid to dive into taboo topics relating to life, mortality, and everything in between — so existential conversations and heart-to-hearts are definitely on the table once you’ve earned a Scorpio’s trust. Just don’t try to make small talk — Scorpios would much rather sit in silence than mindlessly chat about the weather.

Always Be Truthful & Authentic

Little white lies or minor exaggerations may be no biggie for some people, but I can promise that none of those people are Scorpios. Honesty is super important to these signs, and even a slight breach of their trust could really throw a wrench in your ability to communicate with them. If they feel manipulated or played, scoring a second chance to speak your mind won’t be easy. Plus, intuitive and perceptive Scorpios are basically walking lie detector tests, so no amount of BS is worth the risk. They have a sixth sense when it comes to truth, and are easily able to pick up on whether or not someone is hiding something or coming at them with ulterior motives.

That said, simply being raw and real with a Scorpio is the absolute best way to get your point across to them. They’re not interested in excuses or elaborate stories — they respond much better to authenticity and honesty, even if the truth seems a little harsh or brash. They are also tight-lipped and trustworthy when it comes to other people’s business, so they expect the same level of loyalty from the people close to them, too. In short: Always be upfront, honest, and keep your word with a Scorpio friend.

Don’t Expect Them To Open Up Quickly

Scorpios are very protective of their sensitive hearts and spiritual energy fields, and they hate to not feel in control of a situation — so they prefer to take their time getting to know people before getting too vulnerable or fully opening up. That’s why it’s so important to give Scorpios plenty of space and time to build trust. Be patient with them as they slowly peel back the layers of their onion-like personalities and get comfortable showing deeper parts of themselves. It may take a while, but ultimately, building a loyal and trusting relationship with a Scorpio over time is the best road to having open and honest communication with them. Consciously work to create a safe space where these water babies can be themselves and spill the tea on their fears, feelings, and innermost thoughts.