Everything You've Ever Needed To Know About Leo Zodiac Signs

The zodiac's lion shines like the sun.

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Leo season falls between July 23 to August 22 each year, bringing a dramatic and creative superstar energy that encourages us all to be proud of who we are and what we’ve created. If your birthday falls between these dates, that makes you a fiery Leo! Leos are the flashy royals of the zodiac, who thrive in the warmth of the spotlight.

"Leo radiates a life-sustaining brightness that often goes misunderstood," Leo-born astrologer Djenneba Drammeh tells Bustle. "It’s important to remember: Even Leo’s indirect light is enough to get you through your winters." This sign's energy brings a little bit of summertime sunshine to everything it touches.

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Leos have headstrong and magnetic energy that turns heads whenever they enter a room. Whether this dynamic sign is prominent in your astrological birth chart or not, here’s everything you need to know about the Leo zodiac sign — the heart of the zodiac.

Leo Zodiac Sign Facts

  • Leo Season Dates: July 23 to August 22
  • Leo Element: Fire
  • Leo Modality: Fixed
  • Leo Symbol: The lion ♌
  • Leo Ruling Planet: Sun
  • Leo Ruling House: The fifth house of joy, creation, and romance.
  • Leo Twelfth House: Cancer
  • Leo Birthstone: Peridot

Leo Personality Traits

Feisty Leos are symbolized by the lion, giving them powerful feline energy that is hard to resist. Leo’s ruling planet is actually not a planet, but the Sun itself. Just as this bright star is in the center of our solar system, Leos have a natural star quality and effortless ability to attract attention. As fixed signs, Leos excel at bringing a sustained passion and energy toward their goals. It's also no surprise that they are ruled by the element of fire, as they relate to their world through their creative spirits and joyful sense of vitality. The balance of fixed and fire energy gives Leos an unmatched sense of vigor, courage, and confidence.

Leo energy is all about feeling pride over their efforts and expressing what’s in their hearts. Among Leo’s strengths, they wear their passions on their sleeve and love to show off who they are, whether that's through their artistic sensibilities, their careers, or their flamboyant sense of style. There’s nothing more inspirational than a Leo’s ability to hold faith in whatever goals they set for themselves. This makes it easy for them to get swept up in grandiose career ambitions or dramatic artistic projects, and they aren’t satisfied with second best.

Whether others are clapping for them or not, Leos always see their worth and will be their own biggest cheerleader to celebrate their talents and hard work. As the masters of the humble brag, Leo’s bold nature can often be perceived as vanity or arrogance. They tend to feel like their inner vulnerabilities and moments of insecurity are something they have to hide and may find themselves pretending they’re better than others to overcompensate for it.

Leo is ruled by the fifth house of the inner-child, making them extraordinarily playful, radiant, and optimistic about life. They have a unique ability to make any time spent with them feel special. However, as natural creatives and performers, they are prone to celebratory highs and melodramatic lows. Luckily, Leos typically leave a positive lasting impression with others, and their glamorous presence demands respect. Whether they outwardly seek it or not, they are usually quite popular as they exude a joyous warmth that draws people in.

Leo Compatibility

Leos are deeply romantic and attention-loving, making them fun to be around so long as you’re willing to share the spotlight. While they aren’t afraid to be the jewel in the crown, Leos are just as generous and will shower their friends and lovers with fabulous gifts and over-the-top proclamations of love.

Leo Compatibility In Friendship

Whether it’s giving style advice or being your go-to person in times of need, Leos are all about lifting up their friends and wanting to see them win in life. All they ask for in return is loyalty, which is why they seek out devoted BFFs who will genuinely feel excited about hanging out with them. Charming Libras are compatible in friendship with Leos as they share a similar creative outlook and social prowess. Together, this duo are likely to form a ride or die bond.

Leo Compatibility In Love

PDA is a must with Leos as they love to show off their relationships. They love to dote on their partners and make them feel like royalty, so long as they too are being celebrated. The perfect romantic partner for a Leo is someone who can appreciate their love of physical affection and shower them with compliments. Fire signs Aries and Sagittarius would have the easiest time relating to Leos and understanding their desire to be treated like a king or queen, making them a match made in heaven!

Leo Compatibility In Bed

Leos need a sexual partner who understands their desire to be winded and dined before they are led to the bedroom. They enjoy flirting and foreplay, and need to have a build up of excitement, making Geminis a great match in sexual compatibility. Gemini’s ability to stroke Leo's ego, telling them everything they want to hear, and Leo’s ability to keep things adventurous with new toys and role-playing scenarios makes the chemistry between them undeniable.

Leo At Work

Leos are diligent workers who are well-suited to positions of seniority and leadership. However, they have a strong perspective and work ethic that others might perceive to be too controlling. Leos have the stamina to keep going long after others have given up, and will always offer to support and motivate their colleagues if they fall behind or lose sight of the greater vision. Whether their goal is to make others smile with their creations or to chase stardom, Leos have an affinity for luxury and are likely to be driven by wealth and comfort. It’s no secret that they were born for stardom! If they aren’t in front of the camera as an actor or model, Leo’s would also make great designers, agents, and life coaches.

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