3 Ways To Manifest Abundance During June's Full Strawberry Moon

Get your journal and a lighter ready.

Manifestation rituals to try during the June 2023 full strawberry moon.
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The upcoming full strawberry moon — happening on Saturday, June 3 — is set to be the ideal time to work towards your goals while also releasing all the icky, stagnant energy that no longer serves you. You know what that means: It’s time for a manifestation ritual.

In general, full moons are a time of culmination, says astrologer Tenae Stewart. “It's the peak of the lunar cycle when the full face of the moon is illuminated, and it always occurs in the opposite sign as the sun, so there is a sense of balance and completion during this phase,” she tells Bustle. Full moons make you feel extra connected to your intuition, “which is why you may have wild dreams or feel extra sensitive and emotional at this time,” Stewart adds. “All of these things make full moons an excellent time for manifestation and calling in an abundance of what your intuition tells you is truly meant for you.”

While all full moons are powerful, strawberry full moons are extra unique. “The strawberry moon is the name given by the Algonquin tribe to the full moon that occurs in June,” Stewart says. “It's also sometimes called the rose moon, which is of Celtic origin. It refers to the fact that in many parts of the northern hemisphere, strawberries are at the peak of ripeness during this season.”

The fact strawberries are ready to pick in June serves as the perfect metaphor, says astrologer Stina Garbis. This is when your goals and opportunities are ready to be attained, she tells Bustle, so go ahead and reach for them — just like you would a juicy strawberry. Below are three manifestation rituals to try during the June 2023 full strawberry moon, according to astrologers.

Releasing Negative Thoughts Ritual

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As Garbis says, full moons typically represent a time to release. “The moon has grown to its height and now it is going to wane and release all of the goodness that has been developed for the first half of the month,” she explains.

One of the best ways to tap into this energy is by writing down everything you’d like to release — like heavy thoughts, ongoing issues, or relationships that have been weighing you down — so that you have room in your life for something new. Scribble it all on a piece of paper, then burn it or tear it up. “It’s a very cathartic process,” Garbis says.

Dream Jar Ritual

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To continue your manifestation ritual, think about what you would like to bring into your life to replace what you just let go of. “Since the full moon is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is in Taurus, you may want to consider how you can have more fun in your life or how you can increase your wealth,” Garbis says. “You may also consider how you can increase your connection with the divine. Try to set a goal where you can work daily on your intentions and always be grateful.”

Garbis recommends writing all your dreams on a new piece of paper. Then, fill a clear bottle or jar with water, go outside at night with your new list, and place the clear jar on top of the list in a place where it will bathe in moonlight.

“In the morning, you want to drink the water that is infused with your dream,” says Garbis. “You can also water your plants with it, wash your hands with it, or pour it in your rinse water while you are conditioning your hair.” As you pour the water, envision yourself living the reality that you dream about.

Abundance Ritual

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Since June’s strawberry full moon is taking place in the sign of Sagittarius — which represents expansion, abundance, adventure, and joy — it’s a great time to call money and travel into your life, as well as love and happiness. This is also the first full moon since eclipse season ended, says Stewart, which makes it even more powerful.

To take advantage of this abundant lunation, Stewart recommends going on a nature walk, whether it’s in your backyard, a park, or out in the wilderness. “Take a journal and pen and walk or hike for as long as feels good for your body, then find a quiet place to rest,” Stewart says. “Focus on your breathing and your heartbeat, really dropping into your body.”

As you settle in, close your eyes, open your mind and heart, and think about your future self. Picture a version of you that has everything you desire right now, and think about how this future you might think or feel. Really picture it with vivid detail.

When you’re finished, Stewart says to journal about what came up about your future self and think about how that differs from your current self. What might be holding you back? What might need to change? “Over the next two weeks, focus on releasing anything that isn't aligned with where you want to be going, then make a plan at the next new moon for what practical actions you will take to get there.”


Tenae Stewart, astrologer

Stina Garbis, astrologer