3 Ways To Manifest Abundance & Self-Love During The May New Moon

Including a ritual designed to double (or triple) your money.

Three manifestation rituals to try during the May new moon
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As Taurus season continues to blossom, so do our spring goals. That’s especially the case as the May 2023 new moon stations in lavish Taurus on May 19. This lunation is as auspicious as it gets! The refreshing vibes of this new moon elicit a quiet but necessary pause before Gemini season’s whirlwind energy kicks in. After all, before you can book flights to Vegas or snag festival tickets, you need to plan, prep, and pamper yourself, right? That said, these new moon manifestations are perfect for magnetizing your goals related to money, romance, and self-confidence (sign me up!).

Manifestation is basically the idea that you can attract anything you want through the belief that you already have it. Since new moons signify a period of novelty and beginnings, they’re the perfect time to set clear intentions, ushering your dreams into reality.

“The energy of a new moon in Taurus is typically associated with stability, security, and practicality,” Solaris the Hii Priestess, an astrologer tells Bustle. “Taurus is an earth sign, and its energy is grounded, patient, and focused on material well-being and the pleasures of life.”

Are you on the fence about starting a side hustle? Maybe you’re thinking about taking your relationship to the next level. Since Taurus is ruled by the love planet Venus, focusing on romance can be especially potent right now, says Tameri Ater, astrologer and founder of Gift of the Nile Wellness.

If you want to make the most out of this magical moon moment, you’re going to want to grab your candles, tarot cards, and your favorite snack, and follow these May 2023 new moon manifestations.

Self-Love Ritual

Taurus is all about romance, balance, and pleasure. That said, Ater says this lunation is perfect for manifesting self-love. You can do that by setting up the mood with with dim lighting and a love potion mist. Focus on the romantic energy you want to bring into your life and give yourself a spritz.

“Then write three things you love about yourself down on a sheet of paper,” says Ater. Out loud, say what you want to manifest in the love arena, whether that’s more self-compassion or romance from a partner. “Write, ‘I love you, [your first name]” and spray the paper,” she says. Then, fold the paper and put it somewhere safe.

Money Manifestation

As the zodiac sign associated with the second house of finances, values, and assets, the new moon in Taurus is an ideal time to focus on your financial goals. This ritual requires cash (any dollar amount will do) and a nifty mood mist. Spritz the cash, hold it near your chest, says Ater, and recite an affirmation like, “I love myself, I love my life, I’m open to abundance and welcome all material gains. I ask that this money be doubled, tripled or quadrupled before the next new moon.”

Pro tip: be specific with the amount you want to manifest. It also helps to have a clear idea of what you’d use that money for. Place the cash in a safe spot, says Ater, and repeat the spell daily up until the next new moon.

Healing Ritual

As the fixed sign of the earth bunch, Taurus tends to resist change. This is a powerful moment to release the energy, relationships, and situations that might be negatively impacting your well-being. “Taurus also rules the heart chakra, and in medical astrology, it rules the throat,” adds Solaris, “So speaking from the heart will come into focus and could bring a fresh perspective on your relationships.” With that in mind, a healing ritual can illuminate your deep needs and help you recognize what you need to part with.

To do this, Ater suggests placing one hand over your heart and another over your stomach. “Visualize what your life will look like once you let go of a trauma or wound that has been holding you back,” Ater says. Recite something along the lines of, “I welcome the new life that lies ahead for me as I heal from what no longer serves me.”


Solaris the Hii Priestess, astrologer

Tameri Ater, astrologer and founder of Gift of the Nile Wellness