Brittany Beringer

Brittany Beringer is an Astrology Writer For Bustle and a full-time Aquarius. She reports on cosmic events, lunar forecasts, and more. Along with Bustle, her bylines have appeared in PopSugar and Thought Catalog where she’s covered mystical content such as manifestation and other lifestyle topics. Although she was always a writer, Brittany wrote personal narratives for Thought Catalog before entering the cosmic space, where she discovered her passion for digital publications.

Brittany is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Journalism at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Outside of reporting on celestial content for various mediums, you can find Brittany talking to the moon, casting spells, or obsessing over true crime podcasts.

Brittany currently lives in San Diego. You can follow Brittany and her witchy shenanigans on Instagram and Twitter at @irlbritt and read more of her work at