Try These 4 Manifestations During The February Full Snow Moon

It's all about feeding your inner child.

Try these manifestations during the February 2023 full snow moon
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If you’re still recovering from the emotional full moon in sensitive Cancer, rest assured the next lunation radiates a more playful vibe. Embellishing the sky on Feb. 5, the February 2023 Full Snow Moon sashays in fun-loving Leo, inspiring our artistic side and stroking our egos. Whether you could use an intermission from the full moon’s natural sentimentality or need a confidence boost, the fearless lion has your back — and these February 2023 Full Snow Moon manifestations can help you embody the fire sign’s kittenish energy.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the February 2023 Full Snow Moon gets its name because of its timely arrival during the snowiest month of the year in the majority of the United States. Generally, full moons cue our emotional state and prompt us to free ourselves from negative energy. While stationed in Sun-ruled Leo, the extravagant lunation sets our hearts ablaze and is spiritually aligned with amplifying our self-esteem, probing our inner artist, and embracing childlike wonder.

Straddling the Aquarius/Leo axis, this bold full moon examines the dichotomy of the self versus society. This lunation is a reminder that how you show up for others is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. It’s all about radical self-acceptance. “This is a moment for acknowledging what feeds us creatively and appreciating how we uniquely impact our communities,” Erin River Sunday, resident astrologer for Birthdate Co., tells Bustle. It’s about indulging in simple pleasures and taking delights wherever you can find them.

However, on a serious note, the full moon also squares off with the radical planet of disruption, Uranus. Sunday explains that this friction challenges us to upset the status quo. “Leo is a fixed sign, so it doesn’t always do well with change, but this will be a moment to embrace a new, and likely surprising, perspective,” she explains. “The heart wants what it wants and love could express itself like a lightning bolt around this date.”

Despite the intensity that full moons typically express, this is an all-around jovial energy that’s focused on our simple joys. Ready to absorb Leo’s self-love and adoration? Keep reading to put these February 2023 Full Snow Moon manifestations to the test.

February Full Snow Moon Manifestation Ideas

1. Play Dress-Up

Leo’s grandiosity is demonstrated in their style and appearance. With the moon squaring Uranus, Sunday explains that being experimental with your personal aesthetic is on brand with this innovative transit. Mixing up your wardrobe and accessories is a perfect way to manifest confidence. “If you’re usually a gold person, wear silver! Or vice versa,” Sunday explains. “Notice what attire makes you feel good in your own skin and don’t be afraid to switch things up.”

2. Do A Heart Chakra Meditation

Leo is personified by matters of the heart, which is why Sunday says this full moon is perfect for manifesting radical self-love. What makes you feel warm and fuzzy? “Make a list of potentially wacky or surprising things that make your heart happy,” explains Sunday. After you get clear about what brings you joy, sit down for a heart chakra meditation (a meditation on your heartbeat), which connects you to closer your simple pleasures. Sunday explains that once you’ve cemented your list, “commit to celebrating it and giving the heart what it wants.”

3. Feed Your Inner Child

Since the mighty fire sign is ruled by the fifth house of children and pleasure, this lunation is ripe for honoring your youth. That can look like visiting an old hangout spot, making a meal you loved as a kid, or indulging in childlike activities — like puzzles, coloring, or getting your friends together for an outing at an arcade. Pay special attention to what you’re eating, Sunday says, since the moon is about nourishment.

“Preparing nostalgic foods from childhood and noticing the emotions connected to them is a beautiful way to honor this full moon,” she explains. Feeding your inner child can also be healing. What activities or meals did you not have access to that you can indulge in now?

4. Give Generously

Despite their reputation for being self-centered, Sunday says evolved Leo energy is extremely giving. And given this lunation has ties to Uranus, and is happening during community-driven Aquarius season, this is a powerful moment to show up for society in a generous way. Donate clothes, volunteer, or simply remind those around you that they’re loved. “Write a poem and text it to the group chat, or paint a picture and give it to your neighbor,” explains Sunday. Leo energy is all about love, and giving freely is the best way to honor this compassionate full moon.