March's New Moon Is About Dreaming Big Without Losing Sight Of Reality

Keep your head in the clouds and your feet firmly on the ground.

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Here's the March 2023 New Moon's spiritual meaning

March is in full bloom, and as temperatures heat up, so does the collective’s optimism. That’s because the new moon moves into visionary Pisces on March 10, 2024 at 5:00 a.m. ET (1:00 a.m. PT, shortly after Daylight Saving Time begins). As the last new moon of the year, this is the time to put your best foot forward as you charge into a new era. The spiritual meaning of the March new moon is all about bringing your dream future to life while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

In astrology, the new moon symbolizes a clean slate. It’s a time for setting intentions, rest, and review. “A new moon is a powerful moment for manifestation,” Erin River Sunday, a professional astrologer tells Bustle. “It’s important to remember with the new moon that the day you plant the seed is not the day you pick the fruit.”

Since March’s new moon rises in dreamy Pisces, this is a chance for us to construct our ideal life without worrying too much about limitations that may hold us back. That’s because this water sign is related to realms beyond boundaries — think: the supernatural, your subconscious, and dreams.

Naturally, the spiritual energy of the Pisces new moon is rooted in all things mystical, but because it’s making a supportive alignment with rebellious Uranus — a planet that heralds surprises — this lunation is particularly magical. “There could be a ‘happy accident’ type of feeling around this lunation,” Sunday says. Expect to dream big and think outside the box.

The Spiritual Meaning Of March’s New Moon

The new moon in Pisces is typically an upbeat and optimistic lunar moment, but because Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, is also stationed in the witchy water sign, there’s a bit of a rigid barrier around it. Saturn gives it to you straight — these hard lessons target specific tendencies of the sign it’s currently stationed in.

“So while this lunation might not feel as over-the-top hopeful as Pisces energy often does, it has the benefit of reality being present,” she says.

The Pisces new moon acts as a divine bridge between the material and spiritual worlds. This lunation is a good time to pay close attention to special messages from the universe. Pay close attention to angel numbers and listen to your spiritual guides.

When the new moon is stationed in Pisces, it’s all about unpacking the deep well of your thoughts and emotions. As new moons represent beginnings, this is a great moment to plant seeds regarding your ideal reality. What would you like to manifest?

Ultimately, March’s new moon is a spiritual review, giving you a chance to dream without boundaries and design the life you want. Because Saturn is currently stationed in Pisces, you’ll have an easier time staying self-aware and realistic. “While Pisces usually struggles with boundaries, Saturn is helping to shore up some of the waterways that might’ve gotten out of hand,” says Sunday.

It’s time to take your future seriously by constructing a solid blueprint.

How To Work With This Moon’s Energy

New moons are all about planning and prepping, and for that, manifestation is the name of the game. Since Pisces doesn’t take kindly to boundaries, getting lost in your own fantasy is par for the course of this new moon — so take advantage!

“A great way to work with this energy is to notice how you’ve cleared space in your life for your bigger dreams lately,” says Sunday. “This lunation is all about dreaming big for the future, so don’t be afraid to write a poem, paint a picture, or simply journal about what dreams you’re sailing towards this year — and the work you’re putting in to get there.”

It’s time to hone in on your goals and take tangible steps in the right direction. For example, say you dream of being a designer. This lunation is the perfect opportunity to journal about big manifestations — but Saturn urges you to pursue it by taking baby steps, whether that’s scoping out design programs or cleaning up your portfolio.

Saturn isn’t the only heavenly body influencing this new moon. Uranus, the planet indicating change and progress, is also involved, and as Sunday puts it, prompts special surprises. Ultimately, this lunation is asking you to unpack the practicality of your dreams, specifically, how sustainable they are. “Rather than just a dream, what’s a realistic dream? What needs to be committed to in order for the dream to be realized?” explains Sunday.

Regardless of where you’re at in the process of manifesting your dreams, the March 10 new moon possesses a rose-tinted level of optimism, while Saturn keeps you in check. If you find yourself getting lost in your fantasy, look to the cues of the universe. They’re all around you!


Erin River Sunday, astrologer

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