Your May 2022 Monthly Tarot Reading

Taurus vibes come for celebration and self-discovery.

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An illustration for May 2022 monthly tarot reading.
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I approached this five-card tarot spread for May 2022 with the simple question: What do we need to know this month? May’s predominately Taurean energy is reflected in the cards this month, with a focus on enjoying the stability you’ve created, celebrating the sensory joys of being a person in the world, nurturing yourself and others, and trusting that if you’re doing your best, you’re on the right path. The takeaway? Just keep going.

How I Read Tarot Cards

Fortune telling, including tarot reading, is a survival trade for Roma, often passed down through families like mine. May is a big month of celebration and reflection for Roma: Ederlezi occurs on May 6, a spring festival of feasting, flowers, music, and dancing for many Eastern European and Central Asian Roma. Then, Romani Resistance Day on May 16 commemorates an uprising of unarmed Roma and Sinti in Auschwitz-Birkenau, who attacked armed Nazi guards and miraculously won, delaying their mass execution for a few months. Both the Roma and Sinti genocide and the Romani resistance movement are underacknowleged. This month always inspires me to stand strong in my roots and celebrate my heritage, even the harder parts. I love how fortune-telling encourages people who turn to divination for guidance to live their best life. I hope that this month’s reading inspires you to take actions, no matter how small, that honor both the path that took you here and your road ahead.

The five cards below represent embodiment, or your energy right now; situation, or what’s around you at the moment; obstacle, or a struggle you’re facing; action, or what to do about it; and a lesson, or what you will learn from this month.

Embodiment: Four Of Cups


You are embodying the Four of Cups this May, which is a card of comfort, routine, and even boredom. The number four indicates stability in numerology, and the cups are the suite of the emotions and relationships. Feeling secure is a good thing, but if you’re seeking change and excitement, this gift might seem lackluster — you might even take your situation for granted. Try to appreciate this softer time as an opportunity to recharge and appreciate the life you’ve created. Even if it’s just a few minutes, use your downtime to breathe deeply and practice gratitude even while doing simple things, like drinking water. Enjoy the small things to anchor yourself in the present.

Situation: The Wheel of Fortune


The Wheel of Fortune means that fate is in the driver’s seat, and your job is to go along for the ride. When my grandmother taught me tarot, she emphasized that people have free will, but fate can turn up to nudge you in a certain direction. Whatever your personal beliefs in fate and free will might be, this card is letting you know that the quiet of the Four of Cups is exactly where you need to be. The time to take action will come, but stillness serves its purpose too. Trust in yourself, and be patient.

Obstacle: The Queen of Pentacles


The Queen of Pentacles reminds you to be practical, nurturing, sensual, and grounded. The Queen is very apt for Taurus season, a ruler of pleasure and the senses. Since she turned up as the obstacle, you might be having difficulty taking care of yourself or taking joy in the physical world. Now is the perfect time to fine-tune your routine: Get enough sleep in a tidy-enough bedroom on comfy sheets. Eat a real breakfast that you actually enjoy. Make time for extras like hot girl walks or a dance class. If a job or a relationship feels too good to be true right now, maybe it actually is that good. Trust yourself enough to settle in with your crush, or take the opportunity at work. You deserve to be nourished.

Action: Nine of Swords


This card is about dealing with critical thoughts — the ones that race through your mind and keep you up at night. Since this card is our call to action, it means that it’s time to address these harmful thoughts running through your head. Try writing out all your persistent negative beliefs and prove each one wrong. If you’re thinking, “I’m a failure,” then question that. What does that even mean? List off the things that you’ve accomplished, acknowledge your tenacity, your resilience, and everything you’ve made it through to be here. It can also be helpful to find the origin of your mindset, too. Maybe it comes from criticism you heard as a kid, at home, in school, or on the playground. Wherever it came from, it’s certainly not your truth. It will take some work, but focus your attention on putting those critical thoughts to rest. They are wounds ready to be healed.

Lesson: The Four Of Wands


The Four of Wands is another card meaning stability, particularly that of a happy home. It can also symbolize meeting a goal or a celebration. For the month of May, you might learn how to settle in — literally and emotionally. Even more than that, you can enjoy yourself. The wand suite represents fire, movement, communication, and creative energy, so the best way to do this is to take concrete actions. Say affirmations out loud like they are antidotes to negative thoughts. Make adjustments to your surroundings to help you meet your goals. For example, you could clear a spot in your bedroom for a workout mat, so you just have to roll out of bed to go right into your stretches. Fine-tune your life for optimum harmony wherever you can.

How To Use May 2022's Tarot Lessons

Try a month-long gratitude practice this month in your journal, or in a note on your phone, paying close attention to the small things you usually overlook or take for granted about your life, and yourself. Did you hold the door open for someone even though you were in a rush? Great job! Does your aloe plant look particularly luscious today? Noted and appreciated. May is shining up what you’ve already created, and while fear of the quiet life might tempt you to be chaotic, just settle in.

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