Jezmina Von Thiele

Jezmina Von Thiele (they/she) reads tarot, palms, and tea leaves in their mixed-Romani tradition. Jezmina teaches classes on divination and spiritual self-care online and in-person, and offers individual readings online, and is a resident fortune teller at Deadwicks Ethereal Emporium in Portsmouth, NH. Jezmina is influenced by studies and experiences with plant medicine, ancestor veneration, dream work, folklore, creativity, and shadow work, and centers healing, reflection, and growth as the goal in any type of divination.

Jezmina is co-host of Romanistan podcast, a celebration of Romani roots, rebels, and culture, alongside Paulina Verminski. Together they aim to spotlight Roma people and organizations doing good things, and they also feature some non-Romani “international relations” guests who are doing good things that the Romani community should know about. You can follow Romanistan on Instagram @romanistanpodcast and listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iheartradio, and anywhere else podcasts are found.

Jezmina is also a writer, artist, and educator under the name Jessica Reidy, and their work poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and academic writing, under both or either names, has appeared in Narrative Magazine, The Kenyon Review Online, Prairie Schooner, RomArchive, Taschen’s Witchcraft, Wagtail: An Anthology of Roma Women Poets, and other publications. They are in the process of writing and publishing their own book-length projects.

You can find Jezmina @jezmina.vonthiele on Instagram, and at and