May’s New Moon Might Be The Luckiest One Of The Year

Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief.

After a month with a solar eclipse, whirlwind Mercury retrograde period, and a chaotic Aries full moon, it’ll feel like such a relief to have a calm new moon in Taurus for a change. This lunar phase arrives on Tuesday, May 7 at 11:22 p.m. ET.

“This new moon holds a lot of promise because its ruling planet, Venus — which represents love, harmony, money, and creativity — is well-positioned in its home sign of Taurus,” says Evan Nathaniel Grim, a horoscope and astrology expert. “It is also building up to an incredibly fortunate full moon in Sagittarius on May 23 that will feature a Jupiter-Venus conjunction at [the] 29th degree of Taurus.”

According to astrology, anytime two benefics like Venus and Jupiter meet, it can attract more abundance into your life, open doors to new opportunities, and give you the necessary perspective to amplify the success you already have, Grim says. ICYMI, benefics are celestial bodies that have a positive influence, while malefics like Mars and Saturn, are known to stir up trouble.

Thanks to these positive planetary movements, this new moon will feel like a breath of fresh air, and it’ll also have the makings for some pretty powerful manifestations. What you set in place on May 7 will stick with you through the next full moon and beyond, so here’s how to make the most of it.

May’s New Moon Spiritual Meaning

Since this new moon is in Taurus, it’s infused with the zodiac sign’s stable, solid earth sign energy, and according to Grim, it could help you feel more content with your life. Instead of feeling stuck in a spin cycle, you might look around and appreciate what you’ve already got going on.

That said, it could also inspire some change. “This is a lunation cycle in which people are realizing what their true priorities and values are,” he says. “It is helping them attract other people who are aligned with those values.”

Taurus also values the beauty of the natural world, so May 7 and the days leading up to it could be a period where you reconnect with yourself and the earth by unplugging from distractions. “It is a return to form and simplicity,” says Grim.

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As you take stock of all the good things in your life, consider how you might strengthen them going forward. As Grim says, this is the luckiest lunation cycle of 2024, so it’s as good a time as ever to manifest.

“Taurus rules over our personal values and the value of our personal possessions,” he says. “And given Jupiter’s involvement in the forthcoming full moon, this new moon can be a catalyst for manifesting an abundance of that which we value.”

4 Signs Who Will Feel The Lunation

When this new lunar cycle kicks off on May 7, it promises to bring with it a feeling of new beginnings for all 12 zodiac signs. Since this is the first new moon after the solar eclipse, it’s also an ideal time to set things in motion, like long-term goals.

“New moons mark new beginnings and the beginning of a new growth cycle,” says Grim. “New moons are metaphorically the time when we’ve planted the seeds and the plant begins to grow.” Then, about two weeks later when the full moon arrives, your proverbial plants start to bloom and your intentions become fully realized during the shiniest, brightest lunation.

The fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius — are in the best position to set intentions and actually see them come true during this lunar cycle.

“There is also a broader six-month cycle overlying any new moon because that is the time period between the new and full moons occurring within the same sign,” says Grim. “In this case, there is a Taurus full moon on November 15, which would mark the final culmination of the intentions you set during this upcoming new moon.”

The fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius — are in the best position to set intentions and actually see them come true during this lunar cycle. “This is because their placements are in a hard aspect to the new moon, triggering decisive action,” says Grim. “It is particularly auspicious for anyone with placements between 15 and 23 degrees of those signs.”

Working With The Moon’s Energy

To make the most of the May 7 new moon, Grim recommends checking in with yourself and writing down exactly what you’re hoping to attract. “Since Taurus pertains to the sensory world, be sure to engage all five senses when you visualize the opportunities you seek,” he says.

If you’re hoping to manifest a new job, imagine what you’d wear, how it would feel to walk into work on your first day, and what you might hear or talk about. If you’re hoping to manifest a new car, ask yourself what it might smell like or what color it would be, and really picture it in your mind’s eye.

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“Taurus as an Earth sign appreciates specificity and concrete details,” says Grim. “It does not of course have to be materialistic. For instance, someone could set an intention to write a moving piece of music or develop a deeper connection to nature.” Whatever you’re hoping to have more of in life, manifest it during May’s new moon.


Evan Nathaniel Grim, horoscope, astrology expert