I Tried An Astrology App That Analyzes Your Dreams

Moonly can tell you when to go on a date or stay in for self-care.

I Tried The Moonly App

If it always feels like you can predict the upcoming full moon just by sensing the vibes in the air, then you may not need the Moonly app, but you’ll definitely still enjoy it.

This wellness-meets-astrology app, which has over 6 million downloads, offers a host of healing practices based on the ebbs and flows of the lunar calendar. Since each phase of the moon has a unique energy, the idea is to keep track and navigate your day accordingly.

Moonly offers rituals and practices to follow, like tarot readings and morning affirmations, as well as personalized recommendations based on your astrological birth chart, including whether you should cut your hair, make big decisions, or even go on a date on a particular day.

To say this app has a lot going on is an understatement. It also has a guided meditation library, a dream analyzer, and built-in articles you can read to brush up on your astrology knowledge, tarot skills, and more.

I’ve been unpacking the app for a week, and I still feel like I spot something new every time I open it up. Keep reading below for my honest review of Moonly, including my favorite features so far.

Fast Facts

  • Price: Free to download, $3.99 monthly subscription, $29.99 annually, $14.99 for birth chart
  • Best for: Creating a daily wellness practice, keeping track of moon phases, meditating
  • My rating: 3.5/5
  • What we like: Sleek interface, dream analysis, tarot readings, lunar calendar
  • What we don't like: Some features only work on iOS and many are locked until you pay

What To Know About The Moonly App

The Moonly app helps you tune into the monthly rhythm of the moon, which is said to impact how you feel.

For example, a new moon can be an energizing time, which means you might want to manifest or set new goals, while the full moon brings about a sense of resolution and release. When you pay attention to the phase of the moon that’s occurring on a given day, you might be able to better harmonize your life.

There’s also a “practice” section within the app where you can flip through virtual tarot cards or reveal your daily rune. The idea is to ask the tarot cards or runes a question, and then analyze what they reveal.

From there, you can head to the “healing” tab, which is where you’ll find dozens of sound-based and guided meditations. There’s everything from relaxing rain sounds and crystal singing bowls, green and white noise, and even meditations to help alleviate anxiety, address trauma, and express gratitude.

The app also includes a “wisdom” section that’s packed with mini-articles about seemingly every topic within the holistic wellness realm, including aura cleansing, healing breath and pranayama, full moon rituals, chakras, aromatherapy, and even gardening based on the lunar calendar.

My Experience

This app is absolutely mind-boggling at first glance. Even though it has a beautiful interface and mystical graphics, it also has a ton of content. Thankfully, the moon phase is listed right at the top of the screen — above the chaos.

This is where you’ll find a little lunar forecast for the day ahead. For example, on March 6 there was a waning moon in Sagittarius, which brought with it a sense of curiosity and a craving for excitement. Funnily enough, I actually felt inspired to go to a comedy show that night with friends, even though it was a dark and rainy Wednesday.

Today, on the other hand, there’s a more low-key waning moon in Capricorn, which might explain why I will absolutely be staying in.

Below the moon phase info is a Daily Activity and Personal section based on your birth chart. To unlock this feature I paid $14.99 and entered my birthday and birth location into the app. Once I did, I got my natal chart and a wealth of knowledge about who I am according to the stars.

Turns out my birthday landed near a full moon, which means I have “bright moon” personality traits. If the moon is fully illuminated when you’re born, it can mean that it has a stronger influence on your chart.

Since the moon represents emotions, it can also mean that you’re sensitive and emotionally intelligent. And if you feel out of whack, it means harmonizing your practices with the moon can help set you right again. I’ve tried a lot of astrology apps, and yet this was my first time learning about the moon and how it impacts my chart.

Paying for a birth chart also gave me access to personal daily tips, including whether it’s a good time to cut my hair, go on a date, or change something for my health. Today, my chart is telling me that it’s a good day to rest and enjoy some self-care and that I should avoid doing anything beauty-related, so I’ll take the hint and try not to trim my bangs.

While it’s always nice to have some astrological guidance to get through the day, one of my favorite parts of Moonly has been the brand-new dream analyzer feature.

Once you scroll past the lunar phases, you’ll eventually come across a little animated bunny called Moody who presides over a text box. This is where you can type out your dream, which is then immediately processed by artificial intelligence.

After having a particularly interesting dream the other night, I woke up, immediately typed in the details, and an explanation popped up that actually did shed a lot of light on what was going on in my brain. It was like a little digital dream debrief.

Beyond that, I’ve been having a good time flipping tarot cards, learning more about runes, and reading my daily affirmations. Today mine says, “I let go of the need to criticize myself” — and that’s always good advice.

Many features within Moonly are clickable, so you can tap the screen to learn more. The tarot section, for instance, explains how to read your tarot cards within a three-card spread and it explains what tarot is, the history, and the meaning of the major and minor arcana, all using beautiful graphics.

Remember when I said Moonly has a lot going on? We’ve talked runes, tarot, dream analysis, and lunar phases, and I haven’t even gotten to the “Healing” tab.

I actually find myself gravitating here a lot, since it has countless meditations with intriguing titles like “Comfort and Peace” and “Earth Kingdoms Unification,” which promises to help you tune into the planet.

Other options include sound healing and mantra chants, shadow work, instrumental pieces with gongs and flutes, yogic voices speaking on gratitude and self-love, nature sounds, and more.

I’ve been playing relaxing bird sounds in the morning, a white noise recording when I need to concentrate, and gentle rain sounds to create a cozy atmosphere at night.

I also like that the spoken guided meditations, while the tiniest bit cheesy, have helpful messages, like “Meeting Your Inner Child” and “Clearing Unconscious Patterns.” The other morning I laid on my yoga mat and listened to one called “Gift of the Present” and it did help me to feel more grounded.

The Takeaway

Moonly has a lot of content, so it feels like you can use it every day and never run out of things to do. IMO, that’s a good thing for an app that requires you to pay for a lot of its features.

To test the app, I spent $3.99 for a monthly subscription and $14.99 for a birth chart, but it does feel like I’ve been getting my money’s worth.

After trying it for a week, I’d say Moonly is a good astrology app to download if you’re into all things esoteric, especially if you want to learn more about tarot, moons, and mantras, while also putting them into practice. Nothing beats starting the day with a few positive words.

Personally, I’ve been loving the lunar phase calendar, which seems to accurately explain the energy of the day. I also love the dream analyzer, which I find to be just as cute as it is helpful. For that alone, I’ll be keeping Moonly on my phone.