How To Navigate September's Ultra-Productive New Moon

Expect major back-to-school energy on the 14th.

Try these dos and don'ts to navigate September's new moon.
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Arriving at the height of retrograde season, the September new moon peaks at 9:40 p.m. ET (6:40 p.m PT) on Sept. 14, 2023 in the dutiful sign of Virgo. As a result, we’ll all feel motivated to plan and organize our lives as we slide into fall — think back-to-school energy on steroids. To make the most of this lunation, follow these seven dos and dont's.

DO: Set Your Fall Intentions

New moons are all about fresh starts. Virgo is the party planner of the zodiac, and this earth sign’s organization skills are going to come to the fore. It’s the ideal time to make vision boards, rearrange your space, and prep for the new season.

DON’T: Forget To Relax

Between the bustling transition into autumn and the drama in the cosmos right now, you might be feeling drained right now. New moons are the ideal time to reset and indulge in practical self-care, even if that means skipping out on plans.

DO: Be Spontaneous

Virgos are typically cautious and calculated, but with the moon in an auspicious trine aspect to Uranus (the planet of change and rebellion), you’re encouraged to take risks. Let this cosmic alliance give you the confidence to make the first move and try new things.

DON’T: Overanalyze Everything

Mercury-ruled Virgo is all about pondering and compartmentalizing, which can easily get out of hand during this new moon. Don’t overthink things — instead, set your intentions, let go of control, and allow the Universe to work its magic.

DO: Read The Fine Print

Mercury retrograde officially wraps up on Sept. 15, so expect some last-minute mishaps and mixups until well after the retrograde's shadow period ends three weeks later. Double-check your calendar, proofread your texts, and be mindful of misunderstandings.

DON’T: Be Nitpicky

The new moon in Virgo may prompt you to be extra critical, especially about yourself. With Uranus' presence in the skies, this is an opportunity to be patient and accept feedback with grace.

DO: Stay Optimistic

Your inner perfectionist may peek through during this lunation. But because the moon makes a trine with Jupiter retrograde, it's important to keep your spirits high during curveballs. Pencil in time to unwind, and having a plan B isn't a bad idea, either.