The Spiritual Meaning Of The August 2022 New Moon

Make some magical plans.

The spiritual meaning of the August 2022 new moon, explained.
Getty Images/Mireya Acierto

It’ll be less than a week into Virgo season when the August 2022 new moon rises in the skies and serves us a healthy dose of practical magic. Taking place on August 27, this powerful lunation can help us make solid plans as we enter the final stretch of summer. That said, there’s a lot of intense planetary action going down alongside this lunar moment, too — and knowing the August 2022 new moon’s spiritual meaning can allow you to use its energy more intentionally.

New moons mark the first phase of the monthly lunar cycle, so naturally, the astrological meaning of a new moon generally corresponds with beginnings and fresh starts. This makes them powerful periods to plant seeds for your passions and kick off new endeavors. During these lunations, the face of the moon is invisible and its light is obscured, which prompts us to focus our energy inward and get in touch with our intuition. August’s new moon is taking place in the pure and perfection-seeking sign of Virgo, so its spiritual meaning will help us see past the surface-level clutter in our lives and figure out what direction we’d like to steer our ships in next.

If you’re looking to make some Virgo season magic, the new moon is the perfect time for it — so connecting with the mystical meaning of the August new moon is a must.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of August’s New Moon?

Down-to-earth and pure of heart, August’s new moon in Virgo inspires us to make pragmatic plans for the future and focus on the well-being of our minds, bodies, and spirits. The au naturel vibes of Virgo’s zodiac energy appreciates the beauty in keeping things simple, but its mutable qualities allow it to gracefully adapt to the chaos of our ever-changing circumstances, too. This makes it a great time to clear our heads, pare things down to their most basic forms, and try not to overcomplicate our feelings. We can never know what curveballs will be thrown our way on any given day, but if we stay grounded in our personal objectives, we have a better chance of navigating things without veering too far off course — and that’s what the spiritual meaning of this new moon is all about.

However, despite Virgo being a sensible earth sign, staying grounded may be easier said than done under this new moon. That’s thanks to a tense lunar square with the hot-headed planet Mars, which could seriously test our patience. You may want to jump on every desire or idea that pops into your head, but resist the urge to hit the gas pedal. Mars’ influence on this lunation can make us extra impulsive, but we’ll be better off letting things simmer before setting anything in stone. Instead, channel Virgo’s logic-heavy practicality and think before you act.

There are also some major aspects happening involving the value-oriented planet Venus that make taking things slow even more important. Venus will be opposing strict and serious Saturn at the time of the new moon — bringing the potential for sobering revelations in relationships and a chance to step up and advocate for our worth. Additionally, a squabble between Venus and unpredictable planet Uranus could bring about some unexpected challenges regarding matters of the heart, too. All in all, this cosmic concoction makes for an especially emotionally-charged new moon experience.

How To Work With August’s New Moon Energy

While we may have a burning desire to start something new under August’s dark moon, this lunation will serve us best if we’re less quick to act and more focused on creating adaptable and weatherproof plans. If you can temper your impulses and harness the new moon energy, this can be a beautiful time to map out a flexible strategy for getting what you want. Virgo energy is thorough and attentive to details, so visualize yourself attaining your goals and try to anticipate any likely roadblocks instead of barreling forward. Remember: There are many different roads that can lead you to where you want to be, so instead of fixating on just one, entertain the possibility of taking an alternate route if needed.

With the sun and moon aligning in earth sign Virgo, this lunation is also a great time to focus on clearing your mind and being present in your physical body — after all, Virgo is the sign that rules our health. A grounding meditation can feel especially healing now, as can spending some peaceful time connecting with nature. If you have goals specifically related to your wellness or daily routines, now’s the time to kick them into high gear. Picking up a healthy new habit — whether that’s joining a fitness class or committing to upping your water intake — is the perfect way to utilize this motivating new moon momentum.