These 3 Zodiac Signs Love A Cheap First Date

Don’t wine them or dine them.

These three zodiac signs actually prefer cheap first dates.
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For some zodiac signs, a first date isn’t a first date unless it’s a little bit bougie. They look forward to going to chic restaurants and cocktail lounges, riding around in an Uber X, and getting all dolled up in their very best ‘fits. These kinds of dates can be fun, especially when you’re in a fancy frame of mind, but for certain zodiac signs, it simply isn’t their idea of a good time.

According to Letao Wang, an astrologer and spiritual counselor, not all zodiac signs have the same POV when it comes to what makes for a great first date. Some truly prefer to keep things fun and affordable, instead of fancy and refined. They’re all about ice cream, pizza, fries, and cheap beers. These zodiac signs are also huge proponents of coffee dates, and they’ll never say no to a night of bowling.

It all comes down to what they value and look for in a partner. If a zodiac sign appreciates emotional connection, they won’t want to be wooed with wealth. (And some might even find it cringe.)

Others genuinely like the simpler things in life, like walks in the park and bike rides around a city. They know a true good time doesn’t have to be costly, and they want that energy to follow them into their relationship.

Below, the three zodiac signs who genuinely love a cheap first date, according to an astrologer.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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“Known for their nurturing and sensitive nature, Cancers are all about emotional connections,” says Wang. “They are happiest in a warm and intimate setting where they can get to know someone on a deeper level.” You know, like in a pizza shop.

This water sign doesn’t need to do anything flashy or fancy to find love, which is why they’re always down to grab a quick coffee or go for a stroll for a first-time meet-up. In fact, extravagant dates can make them feel “overwhelmed or out of their element,” he says, so they’re drawn to laidback get-togethers.

If a Cancer does agree to go to an actual restaurant or bar for a first date, they’ll be all about dives, diners, and cozy cafes. Instead of risotto and sparkling wine, they’ll want to chat over fries and a beer. In fact, you would totally win them over by ordering something nostalgic and cozy, Wang says, like chicken nuggets or tater tots with lots of ketchup.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

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While you might think the practical, detail-oriented Virgo would appreciate an extravagant first date, this earth sign actually swoons over chill yet thoughtful experiences instead. “They would much rather enjoy a casual meal or explore a farmer’s market together than get dressed up for a night out on the town,” says Wang.

They’ll want to get to know you by having laughs, deep chats, and genuine interaction, instead of over small talk in a stuffy cocktail lounge — however chic it may be.

If you do want to grab a bite together, Wang suggests opting for a farm-to-table cafe or even a food truck where a Virgo can tuck into something local and unique. Follow it up with a stroll to get ice cream and there’s a good chance they’ll fall in love.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

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Don’t bother booking a luxe dinner cruise for a first date with a Sagittarius. The keys to their heart lie in bike rides, hikes in the park, and nights out dancing — all things that are not only super fun but often free.

“This fire sign appreciates spontaneity and loves making memories through shared experiences,” says Wang. You’ll bond if you end up having a mini adventure, and they’ll definitely get butterflies if they can see that you’re outgoing.

As a sign ruled by lucky Jupiter, they love to fly by the seat of their pants — which means they rarely plan dates. And while some signs love to be wined and dined, Sagittarius is actually a bit turned off by displays of wealth, so don’t bother showing up in a sports car.

They’re looking for a partner with the same laidback, fun-loving values, so they aren’t easily impressed by “nice” things. For them, life is about having a genuine good time, not what’s in your bank account.


Letao Wang, astrologer, spiritual counselor