19 Things To Watch On Netflix This October If You Hate Scary Movies

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Halloween is a time for watching scary movies, but let's face it, horror films aren't for everybody. While many people get a thrill out of being scared, others simply can't handle it. They get too freaked out, don't enjoy themselves, and end up losing sleep — all because they watched a movie that was too scary for them. But you can still participate in Halloween fun without terrorizing yourself by watching the best non-scary movies on Netflix this month. The streaming service is filled with seasonally appropriate fare that won't creep you out too bad, but will still make for an enjoyable holiday.

The movies on this list aren't horror movies, but they all have some kind of spooky element that relates to Halloween in some way. They have plots that revolve around things like magic and monsters and vampires, and a couple of them might be a little scary for kids. But no adult should have trouble with any of these movies, at least not compared to bona fide horror films like The Exorcist. All of these films have the potential to inject a lot of fun and a touch of creepiness into your October holiday without overdoing it, so you'll be able to have a spooky good time that ends when the movie does. In other words, you won't be left worrying that a masked madman will come and murder you in your sleep after you go to bed.

So if you're ready for some Halloween fun that won't creep you out too bad, take a look at the 19 films below.


'Doctor Strange'

The scariest Marvel movie for sure, this magician's tale is still a superhero movie at its core.


'The BFG'

There's some slightly spooky mood-setting here, but the end result is more heart-warming than anything.


'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

Bridging the gap between holidays for over two decades, this animated classic never gets old.



This is legitimately scary for little kids, but adults who are into darker stories will find it imaginative and only mildly creepy.


'E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial'

The world's most lovable alien might make you cry, but he won't give you nightmares.


'Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl'

Undead pirates might sound scary, but if you can handle the Disneyland ride of the same name, you'll be fine.


'Mean Girls'

This classic comedy isn't a Halloween movie by any stretch, but part of it takes place during Halloween, so it totally counts.


'Kubo And The Two Strings'

This modern fairy tale packs in some spookiness with its witches and mythology, but it's all in good fun.



This is probably the scariest movie on the list, but it's still far more of a dark comedy than an outright horror film.


'The Addams Family'

The spookiest family on the block might scare their neighbors, but you'll be perfectly safe.


'Young Frankenstein'

Mel Brooks' take on Frankenstein won't scare you, but it will make you laugh.



No worries here, this is the least-scary vampire movie ever made, and that includes The Little Vampire.


'Hotel Transylvania 2'

Traditional Halloween figures get the family comedy treatment from Adam Sandler and friends.


'Harry And The Hendersons'

It's Bigfoot! In the 'burbs! Awesome!


'Corpse Bride'

Tim Burton does dark and slightly creepy material extremely well. He does not do hardcore horror.



The scariest thing about this modern reboot of the classic franchise is the outdated CGI effects.



If you're a fan of Goosebumps books, then you'll enjoy this fun film, too.


'Practical Magic'

It's a '90s rom-com about witches, and none of them are of the Blair variety.


'A Monster In Paris'

This charming French film is like an adorable version of The Phantom of the Opera.

These movies — currently streaming on Netflix —are all great for Halloween, and none of them will give you nightmares, meaning you can have your Halloween candy and eat it, too.