America Ferrera Fans Are Going To Want To Tune Into Netflix This Week


America Ferrera became a star thanks in part to her lead role in the ABC sitcom Ugly Betty, and she later expanded her profile with a starring role on the sitcom Superstore. Now, the actor is returning to television with a brand new comedy series, only this time she'll be behind the scenes. Ferrera is an executive producer on the new series Gentefied, which is among the new shows and movies on Netflix this week.

The series is about a longstanding Mexican-American-run taco shop in Los Angeles that is facing extinction due to encroaching gentrification. In order to save the business, three of the owner's millennial grandchildren try to come up with some changes that will allow the restaurant to survive in the rapidly-evolving neighborhood. While the series is a comedy, it tackles important issues like gentrification, the erasure of Latinx culture, and the overall Mexican-American experience. "I was laughing and crying, with so much recognition for that internal struggle, growing up first-generation, deeply rooted in my parents’ culture, but also a hundred percent American," Ferrera said of her decision to become involved with the show, according to Deadline. "To read something that felt so authentically all of the things that I am was really new. I’d never seen anything like it. So for me, it was just like, ‘I’ll do anything to be a part of this.'"

Gentefied may be the marquee edition, but it's not the only new content hitting Netflix this week. Take a look below for the full list.


‘Chef Show’: Volume 3 - Feb. 19

The third season of Jon Favreau's celeb-filled reality cooking series arrives this week, and it's sure to include a few new viral moments.


‘Spectros’ - Feb. 20

This new supernatural thriller series out of Brazil is a cultural mashup, taking place in Sao Paolo's Japanese neighborhood, Liberdade.


‘A Haunted House’ - Feb. 21

If you're a fan of the Scary Movie series, then you should enjoy this horror spoof that also stars Marlon Wayans.


‘Babies’ - Feb. 21

After the success of its 2018 docuseries Dogs, Netflix is back with a new series about that other cute accessory that everyone in their 30s seems to have: Babies.


‘Gentefied’ - Feb. 21

This new comedy series addresses the Mexican-American experience in 2020.


‘Glitch Techs’ - Feb. 21

This new animated series follows an elite team of heroes who battle video game monsters that glitch their way into the real world.


‘Puerta 7’ - Feb. 21

In this new crime thriller series from Argentina, a courageous woman attempts to wipe out the corruption that has consumed a local soccer club.


‘System Crasher’ - Feb. 21

A troubled nine-year-old struggles her way through the social care system of Germany in this new indie drama.


‘Girl On The Third Floor’ - Feb. 22

Former professional wrestler CM Punk stars in this critically-acclaimed haunted house movie that adds some unique twists (and a lot of gore) to the genre.


‘Full Count’ - Feb. 23

A baseball player is forced to give up on his dream of going pro and return to his loathed hometown in this religious drama.


‘Every Time I Die’ - Feb. 25

In this 2019 thriller, a murdered man's consciousness begins inhabiting the bodies of his friends in an attempt to keep them from suffering the same fate that he did.

With anticipated new series and indie films galore, Netflix is keeping things interesting this week.