Arya Will Be The One 'GoT' Character With A Happy Ending, According To These Theories

Helen Sloan/HBO

All right, Game of Thrones procrastinators, time to turn in your final fan theories before the series finale. With so little time left in the epic fantasy saga, this is the last chance we get to predict what happens to the remaining characters before it actually plays out. Theories about Arya Sark on Game of Thrones are hoping for the best for her, though that best could vary depending on where you think she should end up.

Now, viewers may know that George R. R. Martin famously promised his wife that Arya Stark would not die in A Song of Ice and Fire. (Sansa too, for what it's worth.) However, we also know that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss' adaptation of Game of Thrones is under no such marital obligations. The HBO series can and will do whatever it wants.

In the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, Arya turned away from a life of vengeance thanks to Sandor Clegane, also known as the Hound. The question now is, where will that decision take her? Will she ever use her bag full of faces again — provided they didn't all melt in Drogon's fire? Arya seemed convinced that she would never return to Winterfell, so here are some theories as to where she may end up.

1. Assassinating Daenerys Targaryen

Arya has been saying for some time that she's going to kill the queen. She meant Cersei, but what if it's Daenerys? What if hers are the green eyes that Melisandre predicted she would shut forever? Vengeance is one thing, killing a war criminal to prevent more death is another.

There's still a theory that Arya is the savior Azor Ahai, for what it's worth.

2. Rebuilding King's Landing

During her ashy escape, Arya did her best to try and lead others to safety. She wasn't very successful, but in whatever future Westeros has left, Arya could be part of the recovery. She could be in the King or Queen's guard, some kind of advisor, or she could do the real millennial thing and create her own multi-hyphenate position that uses both combat skills and community organizing.

3. Leaving It All Behind

Despite Arya's return to her family and desire to keep the pack together, fans have long theorized that Arya would leave Westeros at the end of the series. Remember in Season 6, when Arya asked that nice actress what's west of Westeros, and said she'd like to see it? That definitely could have been foreshadowing the choice she'll make in the end.

4. Making A Stop At Storm's End

With all due respect to Arya's reasons for turning down Gendry's marriage proposal, there's still a way for her and Gendry to be together without conforming to societal expectations about nobles in Westeros. Be the modern '90s woman you were meant to be, Arya! Both Sandor Clegane and Beric Dondarrion urged Arya to live, and in Season 8, that choice is represented by a certain newly legitimized blacksmith. She can be his family without being his lady.

Plus... there's still a chance that Gendry ends up on the throne... Queen certainly sounds better than Lady, right?

5. She's... Already Dead?!

Wait, what? That's right, there's time for one more crazy theory before Game of Thrones takes its final bow. Assuming that the white horse Arya rode out of the burning King's Landing belonged to Harry Strickland, fans have theorized that Arya may have been killed in the rubble — because that horse is dead. A twist on this theory is that Arya has become the manifestation of death itself. That goes against Beric and Sandor telling her to live, but go off.

Fingers crossed that it all works out for Arya in the end, whatever her endeavors may be. Game of Thrones has served up some bloody — and blood-boiling — twists in the final season, but there has to be some kind of decent (if not happy) ending for somebody.