Hannah Soyer

Hannah Soyer is a writer whose work examines the representation of “Othered” bodies, and how the arts — in particular storytelling — can be beautiful acts of survival, resistance, and community building. She is the founder of This Body is Worthy, a project aimed at celebrating bodies outside of mainstream societal ideals. Her debut essay collection exploring disability, queerness, language, and trauma is currently under contract with Trellis Literary Management.

Rule Breakers

The Indigo Girls Taught Me Queer Relationships Could Be Messy, Too

Their songwriting helped me make sense of my sexuality — and inspired generations of artists, from Brandi Carlile to Katie Pruitt.

By Hannah Soyer


What Do We Owe Each Other?

I believe I have a right to exist safely in public spaces as a high-risk, disabled person. Do others have an obligation to make that possible?

By Hannah Soyer