Olivia Truffaut-Wong

Olivia Truffaut-Wong is the former Associate Entertainment Editor at Bustle, covering entertainment news topics ranging from the newest MCU Theory to what happened behind the scenes of 'The Bachelor.' She especially loves writing critiques of movies and TV shows and covering Asian representation in the media, as well as other issues of inequality in Hollywood. Olivia's bylines have also appeared in The Mary Sue and SheKnows. Before she became an editor at Bustle, she worked as a Movies writer for 3 years, writing about Marvel movies and the latest Netflix releases. She earned a degree in Film Studies form Barnard College. Born in Berkeley, California, Olivia was raised to love movies, books, and all things entertainment. She cultivates a healthy love for The CW and will watch anything starring Chris Evans. You can follow Olivia on Twitter at @iwatchiam for all her latest articles and updates.