20 Beach Tattoos That Will Make You Want Aquatic Ink

Bring the ocean to you.

Here are 20 beach tattoos to inspire design ideas. From fine line waves to detailed sea turtles to n...

There’s no arguing that summer is a truly magical season. The warm sunny weather mixed with beachy vibes is the perfect recipe for fun adventures and ultimate relaxation. It’s no surprise it also inspires some of the best tattoo art. Seriously, what better way to show your love for this beloved season than with a beach-inspired tattoo?

If you want to show your love of the beach with tattoos, you can go literal and opt for palm trees or wave designs or you could pick another summer-themed illustrations — anything goes. But alas, as the paradox of choice will have it, it can be hard to narrow down what art you should go for. A tattoo is a pretty big and semi-permanent one. If you’re set on getting inked for your love of summer, some thought should definitely be considered. That’s where this list comes in.

From popular fine line tattoos for the minimalists at heart to bright and bold colored art for ultimate the maximalist, this list has all kinds of inspiration and a solid variety of different aesthetics. Scroll through the 20 best beach-inspired tattoo ideas to get your mind thinking about what to get for your next ink.


Making Small Waves

For minimalist lovers out there, fine line tattoos are the way to go. Opt for a simple outline of a small wave to get that beachy vibe.


Sunrise & Sunsets

Add some sun to your nautical tattoo. This minimal line outline of a sun setting (or rising, whatever you decide) reflected on water is a beach-inspired tattoo that is just so tranquil.


Cool As A Pineapple

This wins the most adorable tattoo award. If bold color is your thing, opt for a super fun cartoon-like pineapple with sunglasses for the ultimate beach-inspired tattoo.


Little Sea

Give a slight update to a minimal wave line tattoo with a small outline of a sun to really get that summer feel.


Sunny Vibes

Who doesn’t love a subtle ankle tattoo? Opt for a minimal outline of the sun’s rays for a line tattoo that will brighten each and every day.


Beach Vacay

If you want to mix a bunch of beach-inspired decals but still want that minimal line effect, this hits that perfect sweet spot. A fine line palm tree with colored water lines and a semi-filled orange sun makes a stunning trifecta.


Volcanic Magic

Inspired by Mount Fuji, the volcano tattoo has a red sun over it for an ethereal summer vibe.


Dive In Deep

This tattoo is pure art. The intricate detail of a swimmer diving against a water-colored splash of turquoise and orange is just gorgeous.


Sea Turtles

In black, grey, and white detail, this intricate design — seriously, the detail is unmatched — is a perfect ode to the beloved sea turtle.


Happy Sun

Bring the sunshine with you everywhere you go.


Colored Line Art

Line art tattoos don’t always have to be done in black ink. If you’re opting for a literal beach design with palm trees, sand, and more, mix in some color to make your beach tattoo more dynamic.


Neon Lights

Elevate a simple line tattoo by thickening its lines a bit and shading them with bold neon colors.


Day And Night

Can’t decide between a sunny oceanic view or a night swim-themed tattoo? Add both a crescent moon and sun decal to your design and have the best of both worlds.


Surf’s Up

An abstract surfer’s board design like this one is a beach lover’s dream. Inside the broken board, there’s a colorful mix of yellow, orange, and blue that creates a unique sun and wave design.


Summer Drink

There’s nothing like drinking your favorite cocktail by the water with your toes buried into the sand. This martini-filled design will make you want to book the next flight to the beach.


Fresh Fruit

An ode to your favorite summer fruit? This orange inspiration is bold, unexpected, and delightfully bright.


Tiny Detail

This tiny palm tree design is the perfect minimalistic detail for you to celebrate the sea without going all out.


Sea Shell

This tiny shell has beautifully intricate details give it more definition. Opt for something like this if you want to go the fine line, minimalistic route.


Double Palms & Waves

What’s better than one palm tree and wave? Two, of course. Go the double route to really emphasize your love of your favorite beach.


Pure Happiness

Mix a cartoon favorite — Buttercup of The Powerpuff Girls is always a great choice — with all your beachy faves for a nostalgic creation that will bring back childhood memories.