10 Breathable Bedsheets To Keep You Cool During The Heatwave

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by Orla Pentelow and Sophie McEvoy
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Getting hot and bothered in bed is a fairly common issue. While it's often not a cause for concern (although if you experience any drastic changes in the amount you sweat, it's worth consulting your GP), sweating through the night can make it difficult to sleep well. With temperatures rising, UK heatwaves and those across the globe are only going to get more frequent. But blasting every fan you own and skyrocketing your electric bill is not the only solution. Cooling sheets to the rescue. Not only can they keep you from overheating while you sleep, they'll help sweaty sleepers wake up feeling fresher.

So how can you tell if a set of bedsheets will keep you cool? It's all in the material. You can't really go wrong with cotton for coolness; it's breathable, absorbs moisture well, is durable and more affordable than most alternatives. Per Good Housekeeping, you should look for a set with a percale weave and Health magazine recommends a low thread count (between 200 and 400), which will be thinner and feel crisp and cool through the night.

Linen or bamboo will also help keep the night sweats away. As Women's Health report, these fabrics have looser weaves making them two of the more breathable options for bedding, plus a 2010 study from Süleyman Demirel University in Turkey suggests bamboo fabrics can absorb 40 percent more water than cotton.

Perhaps a more eco-friendly alternative, Tencel® fabrics have all the advantages of bamboo and cotton sheets, but manufacturing Tencel® requires less energy and water than cotton. It is a cellulose fibre with incredible absorption characteristics and, according to the manufacturers, is 50 percent more absorbent than cotton, making it more breathable.

While natural fibres are a safe bet and have stood the test of time, specially-designed synthetic fibres can wick away moisture, and so should not be overlooked. Once a natural sheet gets drenched with sweat, it can't absorb any more, but sweat will continually evaporate from the outside of a synthetic sheet, so it can continue to wick away more making synthetic sheets great for sleepers with heavy sweating. Look for microfibre sheets, which are lightweight and are among the most affordable cooling sheets.

Here are the 10 best cooling bed sheets to keep those night sweats at bay.

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Cooling Fitted Sheet — M&S

Moisture-wicking Tencel® is not only more sustainable than some of its material counterparts but helps regulate your body temperature, too. This Tencel® and cotton mix bottom sheet comes in 10 colours to choose from, so you're sure to find one that suits.


Blush Pink Linen Bedsheets — Secret Linen Store

Linen bedding has a looser weave, making it ideal for breathable bedding that keeps you cool in warmer weather and snug during the winter.


Bamboo Fitted Sheet

This 100% bamboo viscose bed linen has a subtle silky sheen, giving it a luxurious feel. The 300 thread count fabric is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, perfect for those with eczema and sensitive skin.


Girona Double Duvet Cover

This 200 thread count cotton percale double duvet is sure to keep you cool, and its pom pom detailing gives it an instant island holiday vibe.


Easycare Bed Linen

Made with a dream fabric blend of cotton and Tencel®, these sheets are designed to make your breathable dreams come true.


Murmur Striped Double Duvet

A rich 200 thread count 100% woven cotton single duvet, this set's quality and longevity is sure to be worth the higher price tag.


Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet

Made in Portugal from 200 thread count cotton percale, this classic white Egyptian-cotton fitted sheet will make your bedroom look and feel like a seriously fancy hotel room.


Temperature Balancing Bedsheet

The natural construction of this sheet helps to wick away moisture lost during sleep, which keeps you cooler in warmer temperatures. It comes in duck egg, white, and cream also.


Natural Washed Linen Duvet Cover

This linen set will not only keep you cool, but will make sure your bed is always looking chic. Just look at that gorgeous caramel hue!


Cooling Double Fitted Sheet

The middle aisle of Aldi is a magical place, where you can find all manner of stuff you didn’t know you needed – including this cooling double fitted sheet for under £10. Made of cotton and tencel with added “cooling technology,” this sheet is ideal for hot summer nights.

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