Orla Pentelow

A London-based freelance writer and journalist, Orla has been regularly contributing to Bustle for over a year. She covers celebrity and lifestyle news, fashion, beauty and entertainment, as well as interviewing and profiling familiar faces for the Bustle franchises 'Quick Question,' 'Bustle Booth,' and ‘Power Players,’ from up-and-coming artists to established names. In addition to Bustle, Orla writes for titles including British Vogue, The Telegraph, Elite Traveler, The List, The Glossary and Vogue Paris. She also has experience in branded content, copywriting, and consultancy across fashion and luxury brands, and previously worked on staff for The Telegraph and Vogue Global Network in editorial roles. She’s incredibly passionate about sustainability, particularly in the fashion industry, and dispelling misinformation to the public. As someone living with chronic illness, Orla always approaches her work with an awareness of the potential mental health impacts. In her spare time, Orla loves to have cuddles with her rescue pup Luna, and argue over pop culture references in far too many WhatsApp groups. When she's not watching true crime documentaries, she’s perfecting the art of sending the ultimate gif, and obsessing over the latest skincare ingredient, all with a coffee in hand.