4 Pro Tips For Applying Blush To A Round Face

Placement is key.

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Round faced lady posing full-profiled with pink blush on her face
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Blush is one of those beauty staples that can seem a bit daunting to makeup newbies. But experts will tell you that blush, when done correctly, has the awesome ability to deliver a sun-kissed glow that also lifts your features. When you keep in mind a few simple tricks, blush for round face shapes can be applied in a way that creates a flattering contour and brightens the skin while avoiding the dreaded clown effect.

To create a subtle lift and sculpt, makeup artist Joy Adenuga says blush placement is key. Once you have that (and, of course, your blush of choice) figured out, you can play around with different looks. Whether you’re going for the dramatic sweeping blush seen on runways during the 2022 fall/winter fashion shows or just want a subtle touch of pigment that livens up your cheeks, keep scrolling for the go-to tips and tricks that expert makeup artists use when applying blush to less angular faces.

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1. Use A Soft Touch

A common mistake makeup artists see when it comes to blush — specifically on round faces —is over-application. “I would always start light because you can always build up in certain areas where you want more definition,” says makeup artist Allan Avendaño. Adenuga agrees, noting that less is more. “Some people are heavy-handed with blush application. Learn to build the color by applying lightly — it’s easier to add than it is to remove,” she tells Bustle. If you’re using a powder, be sure to knock off any excess from your brush before you go to work. If applying a cream or liquid blush, start by using your fingers to pat a small amount into your cheeks, and then use a brush to blend.

2. Contour First

For added definition, you may actually want to contour your cheekbones before you apply blush. Avendaño recommends going in with your favorite contour stick or powder to create the illusion of angles, and then applying your blush. You’ll want to apply your contour along the hollows of your cheeks and your blush above that (more on that in the next step).

3. Swoop Into The Temples

Round faces, by definition, are less angular and may be well served by a bit of blush draping. To achieve this, Avendaño likes to start at the apples of the cheeks and go up, with a diagonal swoop, into the temples. “Essentially, you are contouring your face with blush,” he explains. “What I find with this technique is that it actually pulls up the face, and it gives you a more defined look.”

4. Apply To Upper Cheekbones

Makeup artist Hayley Kassel warns that applying blush too low on the apples of the cheeks can weigh your look down and make round cheeks look even fuller. “If you’re looking for a more contoured overall appearance, place your blush more toward the outside upper level of your cheekbones,” she tells Bustle, noting that this technique will create a more angular look. Adenuga advises to smile and aim your brush at the top of your cheeks and blend up and out toward the top of your ears.

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