15 Hibiscus Tattoos That Bring Tropical Vibes To Your Body Art

Florals for the win.

Classics are classics for a reason. When it comes to tattoo designs, florals are always a great choice. Some may opt for a romantic rose tat, while others may be drawn to playful daisies. Another perhaps less obvious choice of floral ink is a hibiscus tattoo design. The flowers are known to pop up in warm, tropical climates, but they also make for gorgeous body art. If you’re considering new ink (or maybe you’re a tattoo newbie looking for your first), then you’ll definitely need some inspo — which is why Bustle gathered a bouquet of totally charming hibiscus tattoo ideas.

Once you’ve decided on a design, you’ll want to scout a tattoo artist whose style and aesthetic most aligns with your own vision, because the options for hibiscus tats are just about limitless — from the artful and understated to the quirky and colorful. When preparing for your tattoo and aftercare, be sure you’re clear on the dos and don’ts before your appointment, which may vary by artist, design, or even climate, but often include avoiding baths, swimming, and direct sunlight. And, of course, it’s important to keep the area properly moisturized while it’s healing and beyond so that it stays fresh for as long as possible.

Ahead, scroll on for 15 hibiscus tattoo designs that are all so stunning.


Colorful Petals

For a delicate floral tat, look to this vibrant hibiscus tattoo with its floating pink petals truly pop.



This hibiscus bouquet tattoo makes up in razor-sharp details what it lacks in color.


Single Floral

Go for something quiet yet impactful like this single hibiscus flower that's completely filled in.



This hibiscus flower tat is delicate yet dramatic with its shaded details.


Fine Line Hibiscus

For minimalist ink, consider a tat like this one that features a single, cleanly drawn hibiscus flower done in fine linework.


Hibiscus Face

Consider a piece like this one that pairs hibiscus flowers with an abstract face for a tattoo that’s equal parts adorable and intriguing.


Ornamental Hibiscus

Go bold with an ornamental design like this one that centers on a hibiscus flower and lots of other eye-catching design elements.


Behind-The-Ear Hibiscus

If you’re looking for discreet placement, a behind-the-ear tattoo is a perfect choice — and this one features two cute and tiny hibiscus flowers.


Hibiscus Doodle

Take an artful approach with a tat like this piece that features a whimsical hibiscus doodle.



The hibiscus flowers are crowded within a heart shape for a pretty stamp-like tat that’s sure to inspire.


Art Deco Vibes

For an artsy hibiscus tat that delivers on the retro art deco vibes, consider one like this super graphic piece.


Hibiscus Sleeve

This piece mixes hibiscuses with other foliage for a bold floral tattoo sleeve effect.


Colorful Bunch

This colorful bouquet of ceibo flowers and a single hibiscus make for a totally dreamy tattoo.


Hibiscus With Text

When it comes to floral tats, a stem that doubles as text serves as a classic. See: this hibiscus tat.


Hibiscus Crescent Moon

For an out-of-this-world hibiscus tat, consider one like this piece that features the flowers resting on a crescent moon amid twinkling stars.