The Secret Behind Jennifer Aniston’s Signature Hairstyle

Cut, colour, and style – actually.

Jennifer Aniston's hair at the premiere of Netflix's 'Dumplin'
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Minimal, effortless and chic, but always modern and current – Jennifer Aniston’s hair has become her signature look. Far from “The Rachel” haircut of her Friends days, Aniston keeps great length to maintain her hair, with long layers and golden highlights. “It’s a great on-the-go hairstyle that requires minimal maintenance, but can look great for day or night,” says Dom Seeley, celebrity hair stylist and International Creative Director at ColorWow.

Rarely changing the style and cut, Jennifer Aniston’s hair is so recognisable and iconic that it has become part of her brand. It's no wonder the actress debuted her own hair care line, Lolavie last year, with two launch products, the Glossing Detangler and the Protecting Leave-in conditioner.

“Jennifer Aniston is the queen of undone, effortless hair which is so inline with what we are seeing backstage and on runways at the moment,” explains Syd Hayes, celebrity hair stylist and Babyliss ambassador. “There has been a shift from the Parisian, cool girl hair from 2021 to looser, luxe scandi style waves which is exactly what Aniston is known for.”

From cut and colour, here’s how to achieve Jennifer Aniston’s signature hairstyle according to the experts.

Jennifer Aniston’s hair has rarely wavered since the early ‘00s. Jason Merritt/TERM/FilmMagic/Getty Images

How to get Jennifer Aniston’s hair cut

Whilst Jennifer Aniston’s iconic hairstyle is instantly recognisable, and always looks red carpet-ready, the cut is actually really simple, says Dom Seeley celebrity hair stylist and International Creative Director at ColorWow.

“Keep your length fresh, and have regular cuts to keep hair healthy and thick,” he explains. “Make sure the layering is longer; nothing harsh or blunt, but also not too textured or piecey. The emphasis is always the facial layering, as it opens up the face. Start the layering around chin level and connect to the lengths to keep the style minimal and cohesive.”

Jennifer Aniston’s golden balayage really highlights her blue eyes. Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

How to get Jennifer Aniston’s hair colour

Jennifer Aniston is a great example of someone who has found the tone that suits her well and a colour that enhances her features and skin tone. What do they say? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and it seems that Aniston has taken that advice to heart. When it comes to recreating Jennifer Annistons hair colour and style, it depends on your natural hair colour. Asking for a “warm golden barley or vanilla blonde” would recreate a similar shade to Aniston says Seeley, but using the right wording and phrases will get you a similar tone, but one that suits your own skin tone.

Jennifer Aniston’s sun-kissed golden highlights are just as recognisable as she is. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

“Jennifer always tends to have a more neutral/gold tone or beige tone which enhances her eye colour and skin tone, which is what I would ultimately advise for any client visiting a colourist,” explains Declan Haworth, colour director of Blue Tit. “Consider that everyone has different skin tone/depth so for your personal suitability seek recommendations from your hair colour technician.”

Celebrity hair stylist Jason Collier recommends asking your colourist for a skinny “Money Piece” – a hand-balayage blonde section that frames the face, named for the glamorous, expensive look it creates – whilst Haworth suggests asking for a “balayage and toner service”.

“A balayage highlight and toner service will give a more strategic and cleaner lift. I would say Jennifer is adding a lightener to her ‘natural grey/lighter areas’ to disguise and blend away her greys,” adds Haworth.

How to get Jennifer Aniston’s hair style

It seems JennAn is just like us, and doesn’t just wake up like that. Although her hair always looks effortless and cool in its slightly wavy style, Jennifer Aniston’s hair is actually naturally curly, so it takes some effort to get it to the style we know and recognise.

“Blow-drying is key,” says Seeley, “as you get the volume and smoothness whilst looking real and not flat or over-straightened. I love how Jen leaves her ends to flick and to do what they want, of course with some control - but it all adds to the effortless look.”

As is the case with most hairstyles, prepping is key. ColorWow’s Kale Cocktail strengthens the hair and doubles as a leave-in treatment for a blow dry aid that protects from heat, whilst the Glossing Detangler from Aniston’s own brand, LolaVie, launched to rave reviews. If it's good enough for Jenn, right?

Jennifer Aniston’s hair is actually naturally curly. Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Then, it’s all about the subtle wave. To create this effortless, undone style, use the BaByliss Cordless Waving Wand and curl in large sections of the hair, starting from the nape and finishing around the front suggests Syd Hayes, celebrity hair stylist and Babyliss ambassador.

“Make sure the sections that frame the face are curls away from you, and then alternate the direction of curl whilst curling,” adds Hayes. “Curl all the way down to the end of the hair strand – this will add further volume to the look too.”

Once hair is cooled and set, Hayes suggests using texturising spray, or going back over the style with a hair dryer, lightly running fingers through the hair. “This will in turn dishevel the curl pattern so as to finish it with a bit of an edge,” he explains.