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The Secret To Sienna Miller’s Signature Cool-Girl Waves

The pros spill the tea on the actor’s famed cut, colour, and tousled hairstyle.

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The Secret To Sienna Miller’s Signature Cool-Girl Waves, According To The Pros
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There are no two ways about it. Sienna Miller is synonymous with style. The actor has honed such a “cool girl” image over the years, that it seems she imbues effortless, laid-back glam without even lifting a finger. And part of that London-girl-about-town vibe that makes her so simultaneously approachable and arresting is that seemingly effortless style that is Sienna Miller’s hair.

The 40-year-old star may dabble with different looks for events and the red carpet, “her always-tousled, soft, and casual hairstyle has become a trademark of her brand and look,” says Dom Seeley, celebrity hair stylist and International Creative Director at ColorWow. From cut and colour, to recreating her effortless tousled hairstyle, here’s how to achieve Sienna Miller’s signature hair according to the experts.

How To Recreate Sienna Miller's Haircut

When it comes to Sienna Miller’s haircut, “it’s all about showing confidence,” says Syd Hayes, celebrity hair stylist and Babyliss ambassador. “It’s the haircut that will always be in fashion, it’s just about how you style it.”

The actress' signature effortless layered look is “soft and rounded to create movement and texture,” says Seeley. “Her layers have weight removed from them, allowing her natural wave to come through.”

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Whilst she does dabble with fringes and different haircuts, even so far as to try a modern version of “The Rachel” a few years ago, Sienna Miller always returns to a softer face-framed layering.

To recreate Sinna Miller’s haircut, ask your hairdresser for long layers and a long, feathered front which frames the face, and if you have thicker hair, ask for the weight to be taken out of the ends of your locks so you don’t lose volume and movement.

“Whilst Sienna’s hair is super low-maintenance, I would still say every 8-12 weeks for a cut,” says Seeley. “I like this time frame as it allows for some growth, but also gives the hair a chance to naturally thin towards the ends, giving that effortless look.”

How To Achieve Sienna Miller's Hair Colour

Whilst Miller has experimented with different hair colours over the years, she always returns to her signature gilded blonde. “Sienna Miller’s hair colour is always golden and buttery,” says Seeley, “so you want to keep clear of ash and violet tones.”

“The great thing about her hair colour is that it’s vibrant, healthy, and gives a true glow to her skin,” he says. “Because it is golden, it works well through all the seasons in the year.”

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Bringing a picture to your colourist or hairdresser is always a fail-safe way to ensure that you’re both on the same page with regards to what you want. Ask for golden tones and highlights, and to avoid any ash or purple tones, and remember to mention only adding subtle colour to the roots, to make it easier to grow out.

“It always looks best slightly darker at the roots, again complimenting the cut with no harsh lines or tell-tale signs of any colour work being done,” he adds.

How To Recreate Sienna Miller's Signature Cool-Girl Waves

“The key to creating Sienna’s iconic undone look is to stop regularly whilst styling and take a second to see how the hair is behaving,” says Hayes. “You need to know when enough is enough, it’s too easy to get lost in the process and over style.”

“Less is more, so don’t over complicate it,” agrees Seeley. Start by blow drying your hair using heat protection. “If you struggle with frizz, hit it with a blow out and smooth it down before using rollers or pins to set the curls,” he adds. “Pull out your velcro rollers to lock in that plush airy volume and texture.”

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Once dry, Hayes suggests using a twist wrap technique (rather than flat wrapping the hair) to create a looser and less-polished wave. He also recommends alternating the direction of each strand of hair to create cool “kinks and bends” rather than a unified and classic curl.

“Ensure the front sections that frame the face curl away from your eyes,” adds Hayes. “This way the hair looks thicker as there is more texture. Leave the ends out and hold the curl once it is formed to cool and set so the style lasts longer.”

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