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The Secret To Victoria Beckham’s Posh Hair

The pros spill the tea on the designer’s chic cut, colour, and modern hairstyle.

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For a multi-faceted woman who has gone through as many eras as Victoria Beckham – from popstar, to ‘90s style icon, to WAG, to fashion designer – it's only natural that VB’s hair has gone through just as many changes. From short and sharp to bleached, highlighted extensions, Beckham’s hairstyles have moved with the times, but it's her modern style honed over years of practice, a mid-to-long length with natural honeyed highlights, that fans can’t get enough of. From cut and colour, to styling her effortless hairstyle, here’s how to achieve Victoria Beckham’s signature hair according to the experts.

How To Get Victoria Beckham’s Haircut

Victoria Beckham’s current hair sits right between mid-length to long. “It falls right in-between, making it super versatile but also chic and can give off a more grown-up feel,” says Dom Seeley, celebrity hair stylist and International Creative Director at ColorWow.

Seeley recommends asking for quite a blunt cut (depending on the thickness of your hair) to retain some strength in the cut (if your hair is on the thinner side), and soft layers throughout. Ask for a long bob with some long layers through it and a few choppy, shorter layers around the face, starting around the cheekbone, agrees Neil Moodie, celebrity hair stylist.

The fashion designer usually keeps a slightly longer fringe too, adds Seeley. “That sweep either side from the middle keeps the cut more fun and playful and is so easy to style in different ways. It’s also great as she wears her hair back or up a lot,” he adds, “so having the layers and pieces fall around gives a great face-frame and stops her hair from looking too harsh.

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How To Recreate Victoria Beckham's Hair Colour

Want to bask in the warm glow of VB’s chic and sophisticated tones? “You want to ask for rich tones, golden balayage highlights and warmer brunette shades,” says Moodie. When you’re in your colourist’s chair, ask for a shade that’s rich in tone, “think more of an expensive brunette,” says Seeley. Ask for subtle highlights, with more of a “sun-kissed balayage” around the face rather than heavy lighter areas, to lift the overall look and give dimension. The highlights should stay within the “golden tone family,” says Seeley, to complement the rich brunette shade and add to the expensive feel.

How To Achieve Victoria Beckham’s Hair Style

Victoria Beckham is rarely seen with a hair out of place, so regular appointments for colour and cut is key. Her hair always looks well-polished and preened, so keeping it in good condition is vital to recreating VB’s hair style.

Dream Coat Supernatural Spray from Color Wow will be your best asset when looking to achieve Victoria Beckham’s hair,” says Seeley. “It acts as a waterproof barrier when applied to the hair, to lock in all the moisture from the air outside, plus it coats your hair in humidity-proof technology and stops frizz in its tracks.” Her hair always has a great foundation, so a blow dry is always a great first step, and then add soft waves to give a lived-in feel.

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Apply Matrix High Amplify Wonder Boost Root lift to towel dried hair,” says Moodie, “then blow dry using a large bristle brush remembering to get root lift by lifting the hair up into the brush and once the roots are dry, then set with cold air from the dryer.”

“Once all the hair is dry use a large curling tong to create random waves and texture, using a hairspray such as L’Oreal Infinium on each section to allow for the wave to hold. Finally, use Biolage Thermal Active Setting Spray, and Sam McKnight Cool Girl Barely There Texture Spray for extra volume and that effortless texture.”