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The Jessica Rabbit Hair Trend, Explained

And why every celebrity is obsessed.

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The Jessica Rabbit hairstyle is perfect for all your holiday festivities.
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Some hairstyles are so iconic and timeless that they really never go out of style — they just get revamped for a new generation. Think: the ponytail, the pixie, and the blunt bob. And, for a classic lewk that’s guaranteed to evoke old Hollywood glamour in the sexiest, most emblematic way, then look no further than the Jessica Rabbit hairstyle. Surely that name itself conjures a crystal-clear picture in your mind: This sultry, blowout-meets-finger-wave mashup — done on scarlet-colored locks, of course — has stood the test of time, and it’s one to keep on your radar for the holiday party season.

If the details of the ‘do are a bit blurry, think back to the vixen from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Iconic.) “The signature characteristics of this look are a deep side part that is usually at the arch of the eyebrow,” says celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook, who works with clients like Elizabeth Moss and Rita Ora. Also key? “Volume in the front that sweeps across the eye, and then a strong ‘C’ curve wave that isn’t too tight, but has almost a long ‘S’ shape across the face and around the shoulder,” says Brook. “The other side is swept back behind the ear.”

To get the look, Brook suggests working a styling product like the Biolage Styling Whipped Volume Mousse into damp hair and then blow-drying, and for “maximum lift,” direct your hair opposite of where your part will lay. So, basically, if the right side will be your heavy side, avoid blow-drying the right side flat; work in the opposite direction. From there, make your deep part and grab a 1 or 1 1/4-inch curling iron, and start curling in small sections from the nape of your neck working forward.

Once you’re at the top section of your head, celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Jess Elbaum recommends curling the hair toward the face for added va-va-voom. Larry Sims, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of Flawless by Gabrielle Union, agrees — it’s all about the front. “Make sure you over-exaggerate your hair toward the front of your face on the heavy side so the waves are set along your brow and eyelid,” he explains. “This is really the part that gives you the signature look and feel of Jessica Rabbit,” Brook adds.

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BTW, you can use Velcro rollers or pins to hold curls in place as they cool if your hair tends to fall quickly. Once curled and cooled, Sims says to “melt your waves into each other by brushing them from root to tip.” Elbaum favors a boar bristle brush and a bit of hairspray. Or, Sims suggests taming flyaways with a few drops of the Flawless Restoring Exotic Oil Treatment for a polished finish.

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