20 Cool Ways To Rock Neon Nails

Save all of these for your next mani appointment.

One of the best things about nail art is that anything goes. You can do quite literally whatever you want on your nails — the options are endless. For example, if you’re looking for something subtle, you can opt for an adorable minimal design like the popular daisy nail. Or if you’re the daring type, you can go for bold and colorful like this summer’s hottest nail trend: neon nails.

Neon nails are made for the warm weather. They pretty much encapsulate happiness when you look at them and can be worn tanning on the beach or at an oceanside bonfire — they’re the perfect beauty look for all your summer adventures. As an added bonus, they’re also a fun and zero-pressure way to experiment with some of the brightest colors. You can’t lose.

If you’re looking to spice up some of your favorite nail trends or just looking for something new to show your manicurist, this list has got your covered. From intricate geometric designs to the classic French tip, there are plenty of manicure ideas to cover every want and need. Scroll down to see 20 of the best neon nail ideas to inspire your next nail look.


Flamingo Aura

Named “Flamingo Aura” by Euphoria’s lead nail artist Natalie Minerva, this pretty pink nail look uses neon pink to outline a pastel pink base to give it an illuminating aura that’s just mesmerizing.


Accent Nail

Paint each nail with different neon colors and let one stand out with mini polka dots on a black base.


Mini Moons

A subtle way to elevate a bare nail is doing adorable half moon designs at the base. Opt for different colored neon polishes to make it extra fun.


Animal Print

Animal print is bold on its own, but you can go all in by going neon. Mix all different shades with the design for an unforgettable look that channels Lisa Frank vibes.


Picasso Abstract

If you’re a fan of the Picasso-inspired face prints, this is the nail look for you. Against a bare nail, paint the minimal abstract design on with different bright shades.



Lean into the Barbiecore with these simple yet super cute neon pink nails.


Flower Power

Soften up the drama of a long coffin nail and paint neon-colored flowers against a bare background.


French Tip

It wouldn’t be a nail roundup without a French mani. Opt for thicker and more rounded tips in a highlighter yellow shade for a modern spin on a classic look.


Neon Marble

Dress up the super cool marble nail effect with this mix of green shades.


Looney Toons

Paint the beloved Looney Toons with fun neon shades for a look that will get everyone talking (and hitting that like button on the ‘gram).


Fire Hot

Opt for neon orange and yellow ombré on a French manicure for a fiery hot nail look.


Electric Outlines

Simply outline your bare nails with a cool combo of hot pink and highlighter yellow for something more dynamic.


Ombré Mix

Ombré nails are the easiest way to mix your favorite colors. This combo of highlighter yellow, hot pink, and bright orange in an ombré effect is super pretty and perfect for a summer manicure.


Minimal Detail

These electric blue squiggles are easy designs to dress up the classic French tip.


Faint Accents

Soften a Barbie pink nail with tiny heart decals in a pastel shade for an adorable detail that really elevates the look.


Checkered Print

Highlighter yellow is well-balanced with a basic black polish in this checkered print French tip.


Groovy Vibes

Get into the ’70s vibes of love and good times with this psychedelic neon flower design.


Neon Matte

These abstract geometric shapes in neon shades are intricate and true pieces of art. Match it with a matte finish for unexpected twist.


Faded Finish

It might seem like softening the brightness defeats the purpose of having neon shades, but they actually work really well. Opt for softer shades of your favorite neon colors for this pretty nail look.


Holographic Slime

Mix holographic shapes and lime green for an out-of-this-world mani.